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USA. Leading audio manufacturer introduces full featured stereo solutions for marine environment

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Fusion®, a worldwide leader in car audio, marine audio and display products, announced today two new high-performance marine-grade stereo units, the MS-IP500 and the MS-CD500. Designed from the ground-up by boaters specifically for boating, the new Fusion audio solutions are engineered for the way people listen to their stereos on the water. The first marine stereo unit to provide true internal Apple™ iPod™ docking, the MS-IP500 protects an iPod in a waterproof compartment, completely isolating it from the harsh marine elements. The MS-CD500 CD Stereo offer similar features supporting and protecting its built in CD/MP3 drive. Delivering clear/pristine audio sound reproduction and dynamics that can be enjoyed above engine, wind and ambient noises typically associated with boating, Fusion’s new marine audio solutions are 40% more powerful than competitive units on the market, and the perfect way to add a soundtrack to every on-the-water outing.

Offering the market’s first, true iPod integration, the fully marinized MS-IP500 conceals an iPod in its waterproof body and allows users to select and play songs by artist, song, album and genre directly through the stereo interface. The MS-IP500 faceplate flips down for easy iPod insertion and removal. Incorporating a similar marinized design, the MS-CD500 allows boaters to play CDs and MP3 audio. For boaters who want the ultimate flexibility of iPod, CD and MP3 playback, an external waterproof docking unit, the MS-IPDock, can be added to the MS-CD500. The stereo unit allows full iPod function control as well as CD/MP3 control. Both full-featured Fusion marine stereo solutions incorporate a human interface designed for use while boating/underway, are Sirius® Satellite Radio-ready and include an AM/FM tuner, allowing boaters to select the on-air channels they prefer.

“Just one look and boaters will see that Fusion’s new stereo units are serious marine electronics devices,” said Todd Crocker, head of region-Fusion Electronics U.S.A. “With superior sound quality and exceptional features, every aspect of these units was designed for boaters. With Fusion marine products, you know you’re getting more than a car stereo made to match your boat.”

Supplying up to four true audio zones with an incredible 70 watts of output power per zone, Fusion stereo units/audio systems offer scalable solutions for any size boat. User-definable preference settings allow volume and sound quality to be controlled independently zone-by-zone, or all zones to be controlled in relationship to each other. For added convenience, up to four Fusion MS-WR100 wired remote control units, providing the same source features as the stereo head units, can be added to extend the capability of the system. Fusion wired remotes provide easy access adjustment and programming flexibility in each audio zone or in preferred locations throughout the boat.

Available in metallic grey or white, the new Fusion stereos are housed in a die-cast chassis that dissipates heat build-up common to the marine environment. Other specifications include a bright 3.2-inch FSTN transflective LCD display with variable backlight illumination, rotary volume knob, 12/24 hour clock, 70W power output, 4 zone support, electronic bass, treble and balance control, 100Hz base and 10kH treble for clear sound reproduction output and an auxiliary-in port for expansion capabilities. The MS-IP500 and MS-IPDock are compatible with the Apple iPod Touch, iPod Nano (Gen2 and Gen3) and iPod Classic (Gen5 and Gen6). The MS-CD500 with disc skip protection supports traditional CD, CD-R and CD-WR formats, as well as full MP3 playback. Fusion MS-WR100 Marine Wired Remote Controls requires no external power and are plug-and-play compatible with both the CD and iPod stereo units through a noise-resistant CANbus interface. Remotes include a white positive alphanumeric LCD screen, zone control, rotary encoder, advanced user interface and are available in either metallic grey or chrome. The Fusion MS-IP500 and MS-CD500 stereo units are IP65 rated and include a three-year limited parts and labor warranty.

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