America's Cup sailor speculates on whether Shosholoza could be next Challenger of Record

Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Sebastien Destremau's America's Cup career spans over 15 years. He represented China in the 2007 America's Cup, as tactician onboard the first ever-Chinese America's Cup Yacht. Prior to that he was a key player for the OzBoyz Challenge bid for the 2007 America's Cup. In the 2003 America's Cup he was tactician on board "Le Defi Areva", as he was in 1995 with “Defi Antibes”. He also has an impressive sporting record including five world titles, three European title, countless National titles and a 12 th position in the world ranking of match racing skippers. He asks:

Do you think Team Shosholoza being the new Challenger of Record is far fetched?

Well, Well, Well ... Let's have a look at this very real possibility for a second.

Over the past weeks, much has been said by many about the 33rd America's Cup situation, however the latest development with Alinghi finally deciding to challenge the NY Supreme Court puzzled the sailing world.

Remember back in November? The court ruled that CNEV was not a valid Yacht Club and named the GGYC as the new challenger of record. This decision led to the present standoff between Alinghi and Oracle, basically trying to blame each other for the current fiasco.

Now, Alinghi's new lawyers have decided to challenge some of the november ruling arguing that the NY Supreme Court did not have authority to name GGYC as the Challenger of Record and set a date for the 2008 DoG match. Judge Cahn later accepted Alinghi’s arguments and a new hearing has been scheduled for January 14.

But why Alinghi is doing this?
By reviewing its decision, Judge Cahn will be giving Alinghi the best opportunity they have to avoid the 2008 DoG match and consequently regain full-control of the present situation.

How will they do this? Following Judge Cahn January’s decision, Alinghi will immediately contest the validity of the GGYC's challenge. Their case will be based on one simple, albeit very strong, argument ie. at the time of lodging their challenge, GGYC did not specify the number of hull of their 90ft x 90ft boat. A crucial mistake?

If Alinghi wins this new case, Team Shosholoza being the second entered challenge behind Desafio, will have the automatic opportunity to become the Challenger of Record ahead of TeamOrigin (3rd team to have entered). Nicely done isn't it?

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