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UK. Digital Yacht launches affordable onboard wi-fi system

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

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Digital Yacht, the Bristol-based manufacturer of marine PC systems and software has introduced a new Wi-Fi device for boats.  Wi-Fi hot spots have become popular now at most marina locations and the WL200 from Digital Yacht brings increased range and superior access speeds over a traditional laptop or PC Wi-Fi card. The electronics are housed in a GRP antenna designed to sit on an industry stand at 1” x 14 TPI mount, the same type that is used for a GPS or VHF antenna.  It measures just 45cm long so would quite happily sit on a push pit rail or wheelhouse roof which will vastly improve reception of Internet Wi-Fi signals compared with a laptop that may be at a chart table or down below.

It will connect to just about any PC or laptop with an industry standard USB-style connection, and the unit will take power directly from the PC or laptop.

Internet access whilst afloat can be invaluable with regular access to emails but also for up-to-date weather and nav information. Digital Yacht has produced a range of expensive high performance wireless access points for many years but the new WL200 brings Wi-Fi access to the masses.

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