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UK debut of Torqeedo�s Deep Blue inboard

Tuesday, 28 November 2017


UK debut of Torqeedo’s Deep Blue inboard

and new electric throttle collection at London Boat Show

10-14 January 2018 | Stand LD130


Torqeedo, market leader in the fast-growing electric propulsion industry, is set to make its UK debut of its iconic Deep Blue inboard motor and the latest range of innovative throttles at the new-look London Boat Show. Held at ExCel in London, Torqeedo will exhibit from stand LD130, from 10-14 January 2018.

For the first time in the UK, Torqeedo will present its Deep Blue inboard to the public. A high-power propulsion system offering a 40 HP peak output or 80 HP peak output, the new inboard motor system comprises of a motor, BMW i3 battery, cooling pump, charger, new remote throttle and on-board computer with 5.7" touchscreen display. The components are completely waterproof and engineered to seamlessly complement each other on the water.


A fusion of performance and perfectly-integrated overall system, combined with a ground-breaking safety concept, sets the Deep Blue series apart from all other electric drive systems on the market. The superior motors can also be installed in boats with shaft drives. For displacement sailing for heavy boats with 1400 rpm, or for planing fast boats with 1800 rpm – both are available as 40 HP or 80 HP equivalents.


Torqeedo will also showcase its new electronic throttles and user interface, providing the right control for every application on the water. Designed to work seamlessly with the Cruise and Deep Blue motors, Torqeedo introduces four variations of its new throttle:

·         Side-mount Sail for sailboats – Offering no gap between the throttle lever and cockpit to prevent fouling by ropes, and a neutral-lock for safe operation.

·         Side-mount Motor for motorboats with power trim and tilt – This throttle has a mechanical zero-point release under the handle and can be mounted on either side of the boat. It also has a neutral-lock for safe operation.

·         Top-mount Single – A drive-by-wire throttle for surface mounting with an ergonomically optimised, extra-wide handle, and integrated power trim and tilt function. It also boasts an integrated display in the base.

·         Top-mount Twin – Specifically designed for twin motors, this throttle is also perfect for surface mounting with ergonomically optimised handle surface and has a power tri, and tilt function. It also has an integrated display in the base.


Alongside its new throttle collection, Torqeedo introduces a new information system for the smaller motors. The new system provides informative and functional data about the motor’s performance and range, via hi-res marine displays and clean aesthetics, offering users a simple and convenient way to receive and process information on the water. The 2017 interface has been designed to work with Torqeedo’s Deep Blue and Cruise motors.


Commenting on the exhibition, UK Sales Manager for Torqeedo, John Arnold, says, “We are excited to return to London Boat Show next year, and look forward to the updated layout and opportunities at the exhibition. The show provides Torqeedo with a great opportunity to present our new collections to the Capital, and we’re pleased to debut our new motors and throttles for the first time in the UK.”


Also on display will be Torqeedo’s award-winning collection of outboard motors, including the 2012 DAME Award-winning Deep Blue series, 2016 DAME Award-winning Cruise Fixed Pod motors and the world-renowned Travel 1003 series, now available in a higher capacity battery option.


Electric motors are much more efficient than the typical petrol outboard and today, are becoming more popular with boaters. Whilst petrol outboards can have an efficiency of around 10% at the propeller, Torqeedo electric outboards boast an efficiency in excess of 50%. There are many environmental benefits of choosing electric motors, including the almost silent characteristics and no fuel to pollute the water. It is the only form of propulsion that can operate entirely on clean energy, (once the initial outlay has been made), offering the potential to go boating with no further financial or environmental costs for powering the boat, especially with the introduction of solar charging.


To organise a meeting with John Arnold at the show, please contact: Beki Sharman or Samantha Palen: +44 (0)1460 241641 / [email protected] / [email protected].


For further information about Torqeedo’s products, please visit



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