The Aspen C120 “Knot Wafflen” departed Anacortes

Friday, 20 October 2017


The Aspen C120 “Knot Wafflen” departed Anacortes, WA in early May on her way to partially circumnavigating the United States and covering 10,000 miles on her own bottom!

She has now cruised through Canada to Alaska, returned to Seattle, and then continued down the West Coast to San Francisco and on to Los Angeles. Having completed nearly 5,000 miles so far, the 10,000 mile tour is proceeding very nicely.

Follow along on this epic journey filled with fun and adventure. We encourage other Aspen owners and friends and family to stop by and see the boat along the way. Journalists looking for time aboard the vessel, interviews with the captain, and/or owners, please use the contact information at the bottom of this release and we will do our best to facilitate your interaction

Cruising Canada and the return to Seattle from Alaska

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