The Race for Water Odyssey in Guadeloupe begins its grass-roots action

Thursday, 28 September 2017


Race for Water remains committed and head back to sea with the Race for Water Odyssey : a 5-year expedition around the world dedicated to science and energy transition, using the ocean, the sun and the wind as its sole sources of energy.
The Race for Water Foundation is an organization dedicated to the preservation of water and the ocean in particular. This indispensable resource is under massive threat from plastic pollution and must be protected. The Foundation aims to identify, promote and implement solutions that will give end-of-life plastic a value and create new sources of income for the people most affected by pollution. Using this innovative approach inspired by the principles of a circular economy and social entrepreneurship, Race for Water Foundation seeks to prevent plastic litter from reaching waterways and leaking all the way down to the ocean.

Having circumnavigated hurricane Maria, the solar vessel Race for Water tied up to the Mémorial ACTe wharf in Pointe-à-Pitre on Thursday 21 September. After a few days spent reconfiguring the vessel and planning the stopover to incorporate the recent climatic events, the teams of the Odyssey of Hope are back in action from this Wednesday 27 September in order to raise awareness, study and put forward solutions regarding the plastic pollution of the oceans. The week kicked off in style, grouping together three representatives from the Guadeloupe Region  aboard the vessel for a press conference. By way of an introduction to this conference, Mrs Sylvie Gustave-Dit-Duflo, President of the Region’s Environment Commission expressed her enthusiasm for the Race for Water vessel: "This boat is very special for us. She’s Guadeloupe’s Solar Impulse of sorts. What she represents, whether it be by demonstrating the viability of renewable energies, her autonomy or her vision of waste management, is why we’re campaigning on an island like Guadeloupe". In a context where the emotion of facing up to the recent passage of hurricane Maria is still palpable, Maguy Celigny, President of the Energy Commission in La Région Guadeloupe had this to add: "The reality of hurricane Maria and her exceptional force reminds us of the state of the planet and the fact that we need to limit the effect of greenhouse gases. The Race for Water vessel is the perfect example of how change is possible as she is being propelled solely by renewable energies like sun, wind and hydrogen. Accompanied by Mr Jean-Marie Hubert, President of the Agriculture, Fishing and Rural Development commission in La Région Guadeloupe, the latter highlighted the importance of the role to be played on his island. "We’re very proud to welcome the Race for Water vessel. The world of extreme productivity is spinning faster than the oceans can bear and now is the time to preserve them. As the second largest maritime power in the world and hence overseas, France has a major role to play. These are serious times and inland areas must not be a momentary repository for waste from the seas."

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