About the KiteFoil GoldCup

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About the KiteFoil GoldCup

The KiteFoil GoldCup was launched by the IKA in 2015 to provide an international stage for the fast-emerging discipline of kite hydrofoil racing. It remains an “open” unregulated class, allowing elite racers to use prototype hydrofoil boards and kites to spur ongoing progression and ensure it retains its place one of the fastest, most efficient and exciting of all sailing disciplines. The KiteFoil GoldCup culmulates in the Grand Final to corwn the Class World Champion.

About the IKA

The International Kiteboarding Association was formed to give an international platform to the skills and talents of competition kiteboarders throughout the world. Since 2008, the IKA has been developing competition formats and rules as a class association within World Sailing, with the ambition of securing kitesurfing an Olympics berth. Besides the potential Olympic kite racing format, several professional tours are sanctioned and operated by the IKA.



Class Contacts
Racing & Class - Markus Schwendtner, IKA Classes Executive Secretary
Mail: markus@internationalkiteboarding.org
Media & PR - Ian MacKinnon
Mail: iancmackinnon@gmail.com

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