Birthday on Balaton for Finn Legend Gerardo Seeliger

Thursday, 07 September 2017


Many sailors at the 2017 Finn Gold Cup are making new friends, meeting old friends, and telling stories of times past. There are plenty of connections linking the past and the present.

Many of them involve the International Finn Association’s President of Honour, Gerardo Seeliger, from Spain, who is not only sailing his first Finn Gold Cup for 41 years, but also celebrating his 70th birthday this Thursday. He is one of the oldest sailors here and recently relaunched his Finn career. He has been reenergised by the prospect of sailing the 2018 Finn World Masters in El Balis, near Barcelona, where he will officially qualify as a Finn Legend. This event is part of his training for next year. He is currently placed 102nd.

Talking to the sailors his Finn stories transcend the generations.