The shocker came from reigning European Champions Tina Lutz

Thursday, 31 August 2017


And Sani Beucke, pulling a 16,17 to sit in 35th place after two races.  “We’re not sure what’s going on, so we’ll just forget about today and start fresh in the morning,” said Beucke with her characteristic smile.

The Return of the Trades
European weather models are now predicting the return of the full fury of the Portuguese Trade Winds – the boisterous 15-25 knot northerly breezes that helped propel Portuguese sailors around the world during the Age of Exploration – by Thursday afternoon.  Their arrival comes just in time for fans of live sailing to watch all the action in Portugal on their computers, mobile devices, or giant screen smart TVs.  The action begins at 0930 UTC/1030 CET with the ADIDAS SAILING Dock Walk, when sailing journalist Alan Block gets the stories from the sailors themselves as they prepare for the final Qualification races.  The Dock Walk comes to you via the 49er Facebook Page.
From 1100 UTC/1200 CET, the 49er Media Team will bring you live streamed racing action from the wide-open Atlantic, with aerial shots, on-board cameras, sideline cameras, and digital tracking, hosted by Block with color from 49er Olympic vet Ben Remocker.  The broadcast continues until racing ends for the day, and you’ll find the live notifications via our alerts if you sign up HERE.

Against All Odds
For the first time ever, sporting fans can wager on the outcome of the 49er World Championship **.  If you think you know who’s got that special sauce, you can put your money where your mouth is via these links:
Men’s 49er odds and betting
Women’s FX odds and betting
Global sites (if the above links don’t work in your region)

– August 31 & September 1 we will cover Gold Fleet racing, with 20 boats in each fleet for the 49er and 49erFX – September 2 will see us covering the Finals. Each fleet will have 3 ‘theatre style’ races to determine the 2017 World Champions.
Live streaming on YouTube (   Our live broadcast will have 1 drone camera, 2 sideline cameras, on board cameras, and a virtual tracking environment. Combined with the best fleet racing our aim is to engage you with some spectacular, world-class sailing!

– Get to know the personalities behind the circuit; back stories, interesting tales, and what really motivates these world-class racers.  Hosted by longtime sailing journalist and online personality Alan “Mr. Clean” Block, we’ll cover the future stars, the seasoned vets, and give you a preview of what’s ahead for the day. Live on Facebook and Youtube from 1100UTC.
** Betting is provided by a completely independent online broker and their affiliates, and we are providing publicly available information about betting solely for informational purposes.  Competitors, Race Officials, and support staff are prohibited from betting on their events by World Sailing Regulation 37, and the International 49er and FX Classes neither participates in, promotes, or supports online betting in any way.

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