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WinGPS Marine - now with route network for inland waters

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Great news for our WinGPS Marine users: the route network for Western Europe and the Danube have been added to WinGPS Marine, Stentecs navigation app for Android devices. The route network gives you the possibility to make complete routes over the inland waters while only having to place a start and end point. Taken into account are the measurements of your ship, measurements for bridges and lock (height, width) and of course the waterway information (depth, width).

Before the update it was only possible to create waypoints with a straight line between them. This wouln't be a problem when planning a route on open water. But planning a route on inland waters, with a lot of curvy channels and rivers, would become very arbitrary with a lot of waypoints. With the new update you will only have to set two waypoints for a complete route: one on your starting position and one for your destination. Make sure both waypoints are placed upon the route network. WinGPS Marine will plot the shortest route from start to finish across the water ways.

If a bridge or lock can't be passed due to size limitations this will be marked by a dotted circle. If the plotted route runs along a water way which is too shallow that part will be shown in a different color. Both options make it possible to foresee blocks along the route giving you the option to relay your route along another water way.

When you double click on a bridge, lock or water way a new window will appear with all known information (See image below). For example, the telephone number for the bridge operator, passage times or number of passage ways.

The costs for WinGPS Marine are € 49,99 and for WinGPS Marine Plus € 99,99 incl. VAT. It is also possible to use the free WinGPS Marine Lite, which has limited options: you can load the DKW water charts and your position can be determined using the internal GPS receiver. WinGPS Marine can be downloaded in the Google Playstore.

Stentec Software from Heeg develops digital water charts and navigational software for laptop, PC, tablet and smartphone on board (Windows and Android) for watersporters and professional shipping. Stentec’s navigational software is issued under the name WinGPS.

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