With race 11 done, the two leading boats

Monday, 31 July 2017

Maria Caba/Pilar Caba (ESP) and Marta Garrido/Clara Llabrés (ESP), went into the final race separated by just 2 points, and a gap of 12 points to Emma Kaneti/Ciara Rodriguez-Horan (USA), who had hauled themselves back up from 4th and held a 13 points margin over the chasing French pair.

Neck and neck in race 11 and equally close in race 12 guaranteed a rollercoaster journey of emotions and control around the race track for the Spanish leaders. They stayed safe, put a boat between themselves and Garrido/Llabrés, finishing 3rdcompared to 5th, and won gold by 4 points.

“I cannot believe it,” laughed Maria Caba on securing gold. “This is so much better than we were expecting and today it was really difficult conditions, so for us it is amazing I cannot say anything else.

“I was really, really nervous today and it was a really difficult situation with the other Spanish so close, but in the end it all went ok.”

The USA’s Kaneti/ Rodriguez-Horan wrapped up their Championship with a sweeping return to form and results of 4,1, compared to yesterday’s UFD penalty and 24th which saw them plummet off the lead. Relief to clamber back, and convincingly finish third overall.

Rodriguez-Horan said, “Today was really, really hard. We had two different directions in each race, the first was out of the north and then did a complete 180 and came from the south in the second race. Other than that we were really focusing on starts. Once we were on top, it was easier to stay on top than fight back. It feels pretty good, I am happy about it.”

Kaneti commented, “Yesterday was a tough day as we couldn’t get off the line well and dropped because of it. We just wanted to sail clean today and get back on the podium, which we did and we are glad about.

“We are off the Junior Europeans where we will be sailing against the boys, so hopefully we will continue sailing fast and having good starts and everything will go well. I haven’t sailed in an international mixed fleet, and there are some really good sailors in the boys, and in heavier wind it might be a bit difficult.”

Violette Dorange/Camille Orion finished 4th overall, and pick up the bronze medals as third placed European boat.

“We are a little unhappy because we lose a place because we did a difficult day, but we are very happy because we are third Europeans, so we are selected to represent France at the Youth Worlds in China later this year. It was very difficult for us, but it has been a good Championship and we are really excited to go to China.”

420 Ladies Results  - Top 10 Overall after 12 Races
1. Maria CABA/Pilar CABA (ESP 56245) - 67 pts
2. Marta GARRIDO/Clara LLABRÉS (ESP 56260) - 71 pts
3. Emma KANETI/Ciara RODRIGUEZ-HORAN (USA 54066) - 81 pts
4. Violette DORANGE/Camille ORION (FRA 56277) - 100 pts
5. Evangelia DROUGKA/Eva Maria VARDALI (GRE 54803) - 143 pts
6. Patricia REINO/Carlota HOPKINS (ESP 55856) - 145 pts
7. Aina COLOM/Victoria SISK (ESP 55987) - 145 pts
8. Solenza MARIANI/Lea PERNET (FRA 56217) - 149 pts
9. Sofie SCHÖNE/Line Johanna THIELEMANN (GER 56064) - 157 pts
10. Jessie KAMPMAN/Léa SIBERTIN-BLANC (FRA 55896) - 166 pts                

Demetrio Sposato/Gabriele Centrone (ITA) wore the leader's yellow bibs since day one, and there was no reason for their rhythmn to come unstuck today. It almost did though as a 31st in race 11 saw the chasing Spanish pair of Martín Wizner/Pedro Ameneiro eat into their points advantage, which diminished to 10 points. Fortunately a 2nd in the final race put them firmly back on track and secured gold, and silver to theWizner/Ameneiro.

“Today was fantastic," enthused Sposato. "The first race was very difficult, the wind was very shifty and we had a bad start and we finished 30th. But the second race was very good and we enjoyed it a lot as the wind was a bit stronger and we finished 2nd. We are very happy because we have worked hard for this result and now we can enjoy it.

"We have done better than expected, as we came here to get some experience and to learn a lot. We also won so it’s great."

The USA’s Max Anker/Leyton Borcherding held onto the third place they started the day with, scoring a 20,5.

“It feels really good, to get bronze at our first international regatta,” smiled Anker. “I have enjoyed the week, we have had a bit of very different conditions. We prefer planning conditions, but we have dealt with the light stuff as well."

Commenting on the day’s game plan, Anker continued, “We just tried to stay consistent, sail our own race and let the others make mistakes. But our first race didn’t go too well, but we made up for it in the second race.”

All three podium teams will be heading to the 420 Junior Europeans, where they can do it all over again!

420 U17 Results  - Top 10 Overall after 12 Races
1. Demetrio SPOSATO/Gabriele CENTRONE (ITA 56124) - 62 pts
2. Martín WIZNER/Pedro AMENEIRO (ESP 56016) - 82 pts
3. Max ANKER/Leyton BORCHERDING (USA 56128) - 94 pts
4. Rhys LEWIS/Drew WRIGHT (GBR 56342) - 105 pts
5. Ariadni-Papaskevi SPANAKI/Myrto PAPADOPOULOU (GRE 54484) - 114 pts
6. Tommaso CILLI/Bruno MANTERO (ITA 56076) - 121 pts
7. Melina PAPPA/Maria TSAMOPOULOU (GRE 55405) - 144 pts
8. Giulietta LANG/Tess PROVENZAL (ESP 52429) - 144 pts
9. Xrusa MARINOU/Xristina MATZARAKI (GRE 56071) - 150 pts
10. Pablo RUIZ/Miguel MARTÍNEZ-FORTÚN (ESP 56242) - 156 pts

Press release credits: 420 Class Association

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