Day 2 Round up Report at Lendy Cowes Week

Sunday, 30 July 2017

By Rupert Holmes/CWL

Today competitors at Lendy Cowes Week enjoyed a bright and sunny day with challenging, but exhilarating, racing in a gusty west south-westerly wind in which the gusts topped 25 knots. Many of the larger Black Group yachts finishing on the Royal Yacht Squadron line experienced multiple broaches and spinnaker wraps, much to the delight of the throngs of spectators lining the shore.

The blustery conditions also took their toll of boats across the fleet, with most classes seeing multiple retirements, with reasons including rig damage, groundings and collisions.

In the Fast40+ class, Peter Morton's Girls on Film was leading by two minutes, approaching Baxters buoy located near Gurnard Head when she hit a rock. “We had dropped our spinnaker and we were about to round the mark.” explained Morton. “We were hard on and had to be towed off some time later. We frantically waved at the boats behind to alert them – Invictus and Rebellion were approaching really fast.”

In the fracas Invictus and Rebellion had a minor coming-together. “It was a just a kiss really.” suggested Stewart Whitehead, owner/driver of Rebellion. “We had our A2 spinnaker up and I think Invictus had their masthead code zero set, so we were coming in at different angles and when we both took evasive action, we touched”. A fourth boat in the fleet suffered damage when the topmast of 42 South broke above the upper spreaders. Despite the various problems there were no injuries among any of the crews in the class.

Today was also family day at Lendy Cowes Week, in which the event celebrates the many family bonds that sailing helps to foster. While family sailing for some means everyone racing on the same boat, the Squib class also has many family members pitched against each other in different boats.

“We have a huge number of family connections across the fleet,” says class captain Steve Warren Smith. “…there are hardly any Squibs out there without at least one connection to another family member.” He then rattled off a long list of families in the class that are either sailing either with, or against, each other, with names including Downer, Porteous, White, Russell, Baker, Gibson, Keely and Prime.

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