VOD Alert: 2017 IKA TwinTip:Racing European Champonships - Day 1 Recap

Friday, 14 July 2017

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VOD Alert: 2017 IKA TwinTip:Racing European Champonships - Day 1 Recap

The Recap-Video video of yesterdays (Day 1) racing at the 2017 IKA TwinTip:Racing European Championship has been published and is available for publishing and sharing.


 Originally set up as grass-roots and youth racing program, the class philosophy is to allow all competitors to compete on "every day" kiteboarding equipment with minimum limitations.

TwinTip Kiteboards are used by the vast majority of kiteboarders around the world and can be found on virtually every beach around the globe.

The Slalom/Boarderceoss formats combines "first past the post" racing with spectacular jumps, the stand-out feature for kiteboarding as a discipline of sailing.

IKA TwinTip:Racing has been selected as event for boys and girls born between 200 and 2003 to feature in the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires in 2018, and promises a spectacle similar to the successful Snowboard and Ski Boardercross disciplines in the Winter Olympics.
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