Coast Guard announces safety zone for Bayfield 4th of July fireworks display

Sunday, 02 July 2017


BAYFIELD, Wisconsin — The U. S. Coast Guard has established and will strictly enforce a safety zone on the water for the annual Bayfield 4th of July fireworks display on Tuesday.  

The temporary safety zone will be in effect from approximately 9:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. Tuesday, July 4, 2017 in the Lake Superior North Channel of Bayfield in the vicinity of Bayfield Harbor. The safety zone includes a 420-foot radius around the Bayfield 4th of July fireworks launch site at approximate position 46°48′40″ N, 090°48′32″ W.

The safety zone will prohibit navigation by commercial and recreational waterway users during this time.  Except for persons or vessels authorized by the Coast Guard patrol commander, no person or vessel may enter or remain in the safety zone without permission. The patrol commander enforcing this area can be contacted on marine radio VHF-FM channel 16.

The Coast Guard reminds boaters to make proper preparations at all times while on the water, such as filing a float plan, wearing life jackets, and having a marine radio or other means of communication aboard.  This is particularly important when operating in or around a large marine event such as the Bayfield 4th of July Fireworks Display. Boaters should expect vessels to be in this area and take extra precaution when transiting the area around the event. All boaters are reminded of the dangers of Boating Under the Influence and are encouraged to consider alternatives to using alcohol while afloat.  

More BUI and safe boating information can be found at, including the CG Boating Safety Mobile App.

For any questions during the event, contact the U. S. Coast Guard at (906) 635-3233.



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