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UK. FORGE Group announces high performance, hull coating for racing sailboats SpeedSix HydraPRO

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Ground breaking performance hull coating for all types of sailing craft.

SpeedSix HydraPRO is the new high performance hull coating developed by FORGE Group. Aimed at racing sail boats SpeedSix HydraPRO reduces the friction between the water surface and the boats hull thus improving efficiency and speed. Formulated from Super-Hydrophobic ingredients, SpeedSix HydraPRO delivers a microscopic surface layer which repels water. The coating is applied in the same way as any hull wax and is ready for water immersion within 2 hours. SpeedSix HydraPRO provides a UV barrier to the surface it is applied to making it ideal for all GRP, FRP and modern carbon and composite hulls. SpeedSix HydraPRO is an endurance product that withstands salt water environments, continually protecting materials and reducing friction. Once applied and dried the coating will resist wear off in water giving a sustained protection and performance.

“Not only was I unhappy with the performance of products on the market, I noticed that they simply washed off within a very short space of time”. said James George, Director of FORGE Group. “HydraPRO is not only a performance improving product but it endures. Whether dinghy sailing or yacht racing, the product binds to the boat hull surfaces including topsides, delivering an overall coating which reduces surface friction and supports the shedding of surface water faster. I wanted increased speed and acceleration in my sailing and now I have got it,” added George.

SpeedSix HydraPRO can be applied to all carbon fibre, GRP, FRP, Composite aluminium and stainless steel products and acts as a long lasting Super-Hydrophobic UV environmental barrier. This reduces both wash-down time and build-up of dirt and moisture carried by the boat during racing.

Pricing and availability:
SpeedSix HydraPRO is available now from £59.99. To get performance and speed for your boat contact us at or call 0044 (0) 118 328 2351. SpeedSix HydraPRO is available from Seasure, for more information contact or call 0044 (0) 1489 885401. For more information on FORGE or its entire line of products, please visit FORGE Group at

About FORGE:

The FORGE Group develops innovative brands wanting to achieve sustainable growth throughout America, Europe, Asia and the Pacific. The FORGE group is U.K. based with significant sales networks spanning the globe.

 Contact: Matthew Forbes

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