35th America’s Cup in Bermuda, which means it is TIME TO PARTY

Saturday, 17 June 2017


RedBull Thre3style is bringing two of the very best DJs in the world to the BERMUDA!

The America’s Cup Village will play host to the Red Bull Thre3style showcase on 20th June when DJ Puffy and DJ Byte will bring their incredible skills to Bermuda and the 35th America’s Cup crowd. In addition, DJ Byte will also play on 24th June on the America's Cup Village Main Stage.

Red Bull Thre3style is a showcase where DJs are given 15 minutes to impress both the crowd and the judges with their originality, creativity and ability. They must play three genres of music and make the crowd move!

On 20th June, the first scheduled day of the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup Finals, DJ Puffy, the current Red Bull Thre3style World Champion, will go head to head with DJ Byte, the 2015 Red Bull Thre3style World Champion, on the America’s Cup Village Main Stage from 3.30pm.

On 24th June, DJ Byte will be back to rock the Main Stage again, this time for the fans in the America’s Cup Village to watch the America’s Cup Match, presented by Louis Vuitton.

Tickets for both the 20th and 24th June are available to purchase right now from www.americascup.com/tickets. Ticket prices for 20th June start from $10 for Bermuda residents and from $50 for the 24th June.

Speaking about their forthcoming America’s Cup Concert Series appearances in the America’s Cup Village, DJ Puffy, who hails from Barbados, said "I'm super excited to be a part of this year's festivities. The energy in Bermuda is next level and it's always great to be able to contribute. I'm definitely looking forward to it!"

Chilean DJ Byte added, “This is a great opportunity to showcase our style to Bermuda, I’m excited to be there!”

Go now to www.americascup.com/tickets to book your place at the 35th America’s Cup.

35th America's Cup Media Contacts

Tom Webb
Communications Manager

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