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Wednesday, 07 June 2017


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MET-Certified: Free workshop on marine energy certification

The MET-Certified project is organising a free workshop on the certification of marine energy technologies on Thursday 22 June in London. 

Funded by the EU’s Interred 2 Seas Programme, MET-Certified aims to increase the adoption of bankable marine energy projects through accelerating the development of internally recognised standards and certification schemes.

The workshop is designed to actively involve all stakeholders around certification: from banks and insurers to consenting authorities, technology developers, test facilities and certification bodies. During the workshop experts will explain the system which is being developed under the umbrella of the International Electro-Technical Commission (IEC). Stakeholders are invited to share their expectations and needs from the system at the workshop.

The ultimate goal is to ensure that by using world renowned standards and worldwide accepted certification, the risks of marine energy projects can be significantly reduced, making access to commercial funding possible. The key benefits of attending this free workshop are:

* Learning about the latest developments in standardisation and certification for marine energy projects;

* Being invited to provide feedback and input on what you need to reduce the risks of marine energy projects through proper certification; and

* See how you can get involved in the developments of the MET-Certified project more closely.


The MET-Certified project will host four workshops in total. After the successful first workshop in the Netherlands early in May, workshops will be held in Paris and London in June and in Ostend in September.


EMEC will be hosting the workshop in the London offices of Lloyd’s Register on Thursday 22 June. For the workshop agenda, and details on how to register your interest for the workshop, visit:


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