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Ingemar Group: 3 months dominated by international growth

Wednesday, 07 June 2017


The broad range of floating solutions, distinguished by their dimensions, materials and anchoring systems, favours the expansion of the Made in Italy group abroad

Milan, 11 April 2017. At the turning point of the first quarter, the Ingemar group is busy in 5 countries of the Mediterranean area (Malta, Switzerland, Slovenia, Croatia and France), in addition to works on sites in Italy (Capo d'Orlando, Venice, Monfalcone, La Spezia) and to the multi-year assignments for economies under expansion of the Middle East (Saudi Arabia and Kuwait).

At La Valletta, Malta the new port is under construction for the Azimut “Marina di Valletta” ship yard with the installation of 530m floating pontoons of the  FE King Size type; 3 metres wide with steel structure, concrete floating units covered in prized wood.

In Locarno, Switzerland, for the Di Domenico yard, Ingemar is building a protection barrier with F/CAXXL floating breakwater elements in reinforced cement weighing 67 metric tons and measuring 20x4x2 m, anchored with piles driven into the lake-bed and equipped with steel, concrete and wooden fingers.

For the new municipal port of Portorose in Slovenia on the other hand, breakwater modules of the F/CAXL type (12x3x1,80m./28t.) have been supplied at Adriaing, and All Concrete continuous type floating piers, measuring 12x2,50x1,00m.

In Corsica (F), in the Gulf of S. Manza, Ingemar will over the next few months install a floating marina, Portovecchio Marine, using 17 reinforced concrete floating modules of the Heavy Duty type, measuring 20x4x1,20m.

In Croatia, a little to the South of Novi Vinodolski where Ingemar outfitted a new marina in 2016, Marina Murovska of Navicon will be enlarged with floating FE Slim Size piers of reduced size at 1.60 m in steel, concrete and prized wood, and fingers with floating units in rotational moulded polyethylene.

The different types of Ingemar piers and breakwaters have, also with the aid of laboratory testing, been designed to satisfy various usage conditions in relation to the characteristics of the wave forces and the dimensions of vessels to be accommodated. Indeed, one particular aspect of Ingemar is the diversification of the type of piers which allows for a wide spectrum of uses and, with the use of large breakwater elements, the creation of real ports with only floating structures, cost-saving and with environmental impact reduced to the minimum.

Present, even in the few installations quoted above, are various types of:

Piers: FE Slim Size (width 1.60 m) and FE King Size (width 3.00 m) with frames in galvanized steel, concrete floating units and prized timber decking; All Concrete (12x2.5x1,00 m) and Heavy Duty (20x4x1.20 m), in monolothic elements in fibre-reinforced concrete.

Breakwaters: Large monoliths in reinforced concrete with very high displacement, in F/CAXL types of 28 metric tons (12x3x1,80 m) and F/CAXXL of 67 metric tons (20x4x2 m).

Finger: With structures in steel and concrete floats, or in rotational moulded polyethylene.

Anchoring Systems: Diversified in relation to the different layouts and to the type of sea bed; chains or Dyneema lines and concrete anchor-weights set in the sea bed and recessed into the piers with special running systems, vertical beams fixed into the quay with sliders outboard of the piers.

- A complete range of technical solutions which allow for a wide range of commercial propositions aimed at satisfying all requested specifications - clarified Lorenzo Isalberti, President of the group -. Original and quality solutions which range from supply of piers for boating clubs to the creation of ready to use modern tourist ports, to floating structures for leasure activities and those for industrial use, which have earned us the appreciation of operators in the sector and the esteem of major players in international marine engineering.

For nearly 40 years, Ingemar has produced and placed into service floating piers and breakwaters in Italy and abroad, and is today amongst the very few companies in the sector with its own production facilities; that which allows it to apply internal research and Development activities, necessary for anticipating the requirements of the market. ISO 9001 certification for designing, construction and installation of the manufactured products stand as testimony to the seriousness of the constant commitment of the Company, and is added to the SOA certification in the ports sector for orders of up to 15.5 million Euro. The Board and company administration are located in Milan, while production and technical and commercial support are concentrated in Casale sul Sile (TV). The Ingemar Group includes the parent company Ingemar for designing and marine engineering, and the sister company Ingemar Trade & Services for the commercial network and after sales support services.

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