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Monday, 05 June 2017

Trend Foiling – Interview with Malte Reuscher 

An innovation that is currently coming up on the windsurfing market is foiling which is already well-known from sailing. Foils look like long fins with wings and are positioned underneath the board instead of the usual fin. As soon as a certain speed is reached the foil gets out of the water and you start planning. The result is a completely new glide feeling which feels like flying over the water. We took a closer look on foiling and talked to Malte Reuscher about his experiences in foiling. He takes part at the Formula Windsurfing World Championship during the Multivan Summer Opening on Sylt and is one of the leading foilers worldwide.

Malte, you just tried out your foil here on Sylt. How did you actually start with foiling?

Internationally foiling is already quite popular among windsurfers. My sponsors equipped me with gear in February. Since then I am using my foil whenever possible. I use a board of JP Australia, sails of Neilpryde and the foil of F4. 

What is so fascinating about foiling?

Foiling is great because you can get on the water even with light wind. You start planning really early. Depending on your weight you only need four to six knots of wind. Often there’s not much wind and you would not be able to windsurf. But with a foil you can get on the water even though it’s just a light breeze and have fun.

Is foiling still exotic amongst windsurfers? How many windsurfers already use foils?

Foiling is still in the early stages. Lots of windsurfers are fascinated by foiling and try it out. But if it will be established one day can’t be foreseen yet.

Are there already any competitions in foiling?

The IFCA has organised the first Foiling Grand Prix at Neusiedler Lake in Austria this year. The PWA also offered two events with a special foil discipline. They took place at Costa Brava and in Japan. We were 20 competitors in that discipline and could compete each day. The spectators and media are also very interested in foiling and the response is always positive. At Costa Brava I finished in eighth position.

How do you see the potential of foiling?

It is difficult to evaluate how foiling will develop in the future. There are around 30 to 40 people who train foiling at the moment in order to be able to compete. There are lots of people who are interested in foiling but if they will all be able to compete is questionable. I think foiling is super easy and such a great option in light wind. You don’t need the big stuff like with Formula Windsurfing which is a big advantage. It will be exciting to see what the future will bring in terms of foiling.

Thanks a lot for the interview, Malte.

We wish you great fun at foiling and good luck competing at the Multivan Summer Opening Sylt.

Presented by Cathy McLean

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