A conclusive start to the season for Quentin Vlamynck and the Mini 6.50 "Arkema 3"

Thursday, 18 May 2017

The great results obtained by the young skipper Quentin Vlamynck and his prototype Mini 6.50 Arkema 3 are promising! After securing a second place in the Lorient BSM event in April, Arkema 3 finished in 4th place in the overall ranking in the Mini en Mai, and so starts the 2017 season in the best possible way. An excellent return to competition for the solo skipper, after two years spent away from racing, busy fine-tuning the construction and preparation of his incredible monohull. With 915 nautical miles validated out of the 1000 required to qualify for the Mini Transat 2017, Quentin Vlamynck is making excellent progress towards his main goal of the season.

Quentin, is this start of the season what you were expecting?
“It is, sure! These are two great results, even if a 4th place (ed: in the Mini en Mai) is not easy psychologically, but the conditions were not at all favorable to me at the end of the race. I’m happy with the way I handled the boat and to have got back into the solo sailing routine. I’m doing close contact sailing, which lets me gain experience and identify the strong points and weak points alike.”

Tell us a bit more
“The end of the Mini en Mai confirmed our limitations in light winds or upwind, in other words as soon as the wind is too light for us to make the most of the boat’s potential. We will be working on the fabric of the wing before the start of the Mini Transat in order to enhance the profile, have more reinforcement and a better performance. Later on, we will also turn our minds to making the rigging lighter. By contrast, we are really fast as soon as the wind picks up, in particular downwind. However, the various appendages tend to make manoeuvers complicated, which means I lose ground over the others. This is more noticeable over small distances than over long legs where you need to lengthen your stride.”

What are your thoughts about Ian Lipinsky who won the first two races?
“He has been sailing a Mini 6.50 for the past 6 years and is highly experienced with this type of craft. He’s a serious skipper who can sail fast, and currently he has the best boat on the circuit, racing at 100% of its potential. My aim is to raise Arkema 3 to his level over the next few seasons. He’s well equipped to win the Mini Transat, but don’t forget that this race can quickly turn into an adventure.”

Tell us about your program over the next few weeks
“I’ll be bringing Arkema 3 back from La Trinité-sur-Mer to La Rochelle, together with Romaric Neyhousser, its architect. This will give us a chance to talk about fine-tuning the boat. Then I’ll train in La Rochelle before returning to Douarnenez for the Trophée MAP in early June. This 200-nautical mile event will enable me to validate the last remaining 85 miles I need to qualify for the Mini Transat. At the same time, I’ll be following the America’s Cup very closely. Needless to say, for me, those boats with foils and wings is the stuff of dreams!”

2017 Program for the Mini 6.50 Arkema 3: 

Trophée MAP - departure 8 June
Transat Mini 6.50 - departure 1st October at 15:30h

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