BYM offers a Great Commercial Opportunity!

Friday, 12 May 2017

Through a Commercial Opportunity series over the next twelve weeks we at BYM intend to bring to the notice of the Public and Marine Trade just how well BYMNews is read. All the figures are taken directly from the BYM statistics analytical programme installed on the BYM server.

In April 2017 BYMNews published 226 news items across 4 European languages covering 4 subjects on its Free news service.

To continue its outstanding Free News services BYM needs the support of Industry.

 We are not putting up a Paywall or asking for donations but saying use our advertising. By doing this you will ensure the continence of a Free Service that for 16 years has been read worldwide.  Your product message will reach a dedicated audience that opened a staggering 345,100 news items to be read with 98,733 news lists accessed during April 2017. This does not include photos, just text news.

 Test the Maths 345,100/ 30 days =11,503 day/ 24 hrs =479 hr/ 60 mins = 7.98minuet.

A first special offer; A carousel place on either BYM home, Industry,or Sports news linking to your PDF in the BYM Magazine.



         Both for just $ 49 ;50 per calender month. 3 month min.

                             [email protected]

Last Updated ( Friday, 12 May 2017 )