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USA New Taco Marine® Outrigger Rigging Kits

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Taco Marine® has introduced three new Outrigger Rigging Kits to cover almost every possible application, from single line for a center rigger and outriggers, to double and even triple line rigging for aluminum and carbon fiber outrigger poles.

The new rigging kits offer a combination of upgraded components including cork outrigger, ball stops and Lindgren-Pitman Premium 400lb Monofilament Line. The triple rigging kits offer double shielded Ronstan Delrin ball bearings with triple roller shock cord pulleys.

A complete selection of rigging components is available and sold separately.

The new rigging kits are:
RK-0002MP - Premium Double Mono Rigging Kit (for carbon fiber outrigger poles 20’ or larger)
RK-0003MP - Premium Triple Mono Rigging Kit (for carbon fiber outrigger poles 20’ or larger)
RK-0003PB - Premium Triple Braid Rigging Kit (for aluminum or carbon fiber outrigger poles 18’ or larger)

A step-by-step video demonstrates how to rig outriggers using the rigging kits. Click here to watch it.

For more information and specifications for Taco Marine rigging kits and other Taco Marine products, visit the Taco Marine web site or call 1+305.652.8566.

Taco Marine®, a division of Taco Metals, Inc., designs, manufactures and distributes a wide range of products that include Rub Rail, Marine Extrusions, Canvas & Metal Fab Hardware, Seating & Pedestals, Sport Fishing Equipment and custom/specialty products. All are backed by industry leading warranties and guaranteed to provide years of trouble-free use.
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