"Battle of Britain" at MATCH RACE GERMANY

Wednesday, 03 May 2017

When Sir Ben Ainslie, the most successful Olympian in the history of sailing and current Challenger for the America´s Cup, triumphed back in 2009

Eight years ago, Sir Ben Ainslie became the Matchrace King of Langenargen. At the time team member of ETNZ, now the founder and skipper of the British America's Cup Team Land Rover BAR, dominated his French opponent Damien Iehl to beat him 3:1 in the finals. Part of Sir Ben's team at the time was his tactician and friend Iain Percy (currently sports director of Artemis Racing in the quest to win the 35th America's Cup in Bermuda) as well as other members of his team. "Big Ben" Ainslie conquered Lake Constance by storm. But to kick off, he had first lost four duels on the first day. "A lot of people had already given us up," said Ainslie, smiling during the prize giving, "now we are the winners and I want to thank my crew for that." For 20 years now, the stars, and the upcoming sailing stars have been passionately taking part in  Match Race Germany. In the "Ainslie year“ picture perfect conditions had been the guarantee for an all time visitor record of around 43,000 fans. His most legendary and decisive duel in that year, Ainslie had already fought before the final. In the quarter-finals, the match between him and the multiple World Champion Ian Williams marked a spectacular "Battle of Britain". The referees had to allocate half a dozen penalties in six duels. Ainsle's tactician Percy even went overboard at the peak of the sailing battle. In a collision, the mast of Ainslies's boat shaved and cut the backstay (mast support) of Williams' boat in 20-25 knots picture perfect sailing conditions. Williams was punished with a point deduction. Ainslie finally won the battle with 3: 2.33 points.

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