2017 Bell's Beer Bayview Mackinac Race Updates

Monday, 01 May 2017



Race Day:  July 22, 2017




Important Dates


June 1: Entry Deadline

June 15:  Late Entry Deadline

July 20: Registration @ BYC

July 21: Registration @ PH

July 22: Race Day

July 25:  Party @ Mackinac

October 21:  Party @ Detroit













Without our generous sponsors, Bayview would be unable to hold the Bayview Mackinac Race with the consistency and quality that sailors deserve.  We cannot thank them enough!  




2017 Bell's Beer Bayview Mackinac Race Updates

Latest News




From the MRA-


With 48 days left until registration closes on June 15th, we have 153 boats entered in the race - 90 on the Cove Island course and 63 on the Shore course.  If you haven't registered yet, please do at your earliest convenience; after June 15th, an additional charge of $300 will be added to the entry fee.


I hope you saw Art LeVassuer's procedural article about getting your rating certificates.  Art, along with Al DeClerq and the guys at ORA (for ORR-EZ) and US Sailing (for ORR) have been a tremendous asset and deserve our appreciation for their willingness to help our sailors get their certificates and to also work with each and every one to make corrections to the certificates or offer suggestions.  This is particularly helpful with the change from PHRF to ORR-EZ on the Shore course.  We knew going in that it would be a challenge, but for the most part they've managed to smooth the bumps somewhat.  We also adjusted the GPH numbers for the courses to 654.9 and lower (faster) for the Cove Island course and 655.0 and higher (slower) for the Shore course (it equates to about a 5 seconds per mile change) to better accommodate the fleet from the information we're seeing on the rating certificates we've been receiving. 


And speaking of certificates, I have two requests of you:


1) Please, please, please sign your rating certificates before you upload them.  Signature is required in both the ORR Rules (Part III, 3.01) and the ORR-EZ Rules (Part III, Section E).  The NOR calls for submission of a valid certificate in 7(f) and if they aren't signed, they're not valid.  I know it's a pain in the butt to download from ORA/US Sailing, sign and then re-upload;  we have to do it 'old-school' this year.  But we are and will continue to work with both ORA and U.S. Sailing to facilitate electronic signature so it can be a more seamless process for the skippers/persons in charge.  Hopefully we can offer that next year.


2) Also with respect to the insurance certificate, we need the term date displayed (to ensure that you're covered the dates of the regatta) and we need to see that you have a minimum of $300,000 Boat Liability insurance.  Generally, both items can be found on the policy's summary page. If the term dates are very near the regatta dates, just let me know.


Should any part of the above two items be absent, you can expect to receive an email from me indicating that something is missing.


Registration for the 2017 SuperMac has opened.  You can find the NOR and other information at https://www.yachtscoring.com/emenu.cfm?eID=4222  .  We need at least 20 boats to register for this race;  as of this date, we already have 2 boats signed up.  Since the start of this race is in Chicago, entry for the race closes July 8, 2017 with an entry fee of $150.  By the way, the date of the CYC Race to Mackinac was posted as 7/16/17 in error within my last message.  My apologies for that.  The date of the start of the Chicago race is 7/15/17.  Please make note of that correction.


Are you trying to arrange transportation to Mackinac Island to greet the sailors or from Mackinac Island after the Chicago race and the Bell's Beer Bayview Mackinac Race?  Pentastar Aviation flies out of Oakland International Airport in Waterford and is offering a package for up to 8 passengers at a time.  The flier will be posted on the Bell's Beer Bayview Mackinac website very soon for your consideration.


And finally, with only a couple of days left in April, Bayview Yacht Club members have only until Sunday, April 30th to charge their Bell's Beer Bayview Mackinac Race entry fee to their BYC accounts without incurring a 3% surcharge per NOR 7(b).


There's only 85 days left until Race day!  I can't believe the time has gone so quickly.  Don't let the time run out on you- submit your entry to the Race now if you haven't already done so-


See you on the water-

Tricia Smotherman, 

 2017 Race Chair

 Bell's Beer Bayview Mackinac Race



Save On Your Certificate!

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To all Mackinac Race Participants:


I am pleased to announce that the Offshore Racing Association (ORA) has agreed to offer a special incentive to race on the Shore Course (GPH of 660 or higher) in the 2017 Bell's Beer Bayview Mackinac Race. The first ten boats to register with the ORA for their 2017 ORR certificate who are sailing the Chicago Yacht Club Race to Mackinac and who wish to sail the Shore Course of the Bell's Beer Bayview Mackinac Race could receive either a free or highly discounted fee for their ORR-EZ certificate. The first five boats (1-5) to register with the ORA for both races will receive their ORR-EZ certificate for free! The next five boats (6-10) to register with the ORA for both races will receive their ORR-EZ certificate at a 50% discount of $50.  NOTE:  THE REQUEST FOR THE ORR-EZ CERTIFICATE MUST BE INCLUDED AT THE SAME TIME AS THE ORR RATING REQUEST SUBMITTAL.  FULL PAYMENT EXPECTED AT REGISTRATION WITH REIMBURSEMENT FROM ORA ONCE THE ORDER OF REGISTRATION IS DETERMINED.


The Chicago Yacht Club Race to Mackinac is Saturday, July 16, 2017 and the Bell's Beer Bayview Mackinac Race is Saturday, July 22, 2017.


Thank you to the Offshore Racing Authority for offering this special incentive. Time is of the essence so hurry to register today! We look forward to seeing you on Lake Huron in July!


Tricia Smotherman, 2017 Bell's Beer Bayview Mackinac Race Chair




ORR-EZ Seminar

Catch it on YouTube


Did you miss the March 2nd seminar on ORR-EZ?  Fear not, you can watch it on YouTube here!

Bayview Yacht Club ORR-EZ Seminar


Many thanks to Alan Minsterman for filming and editing this very informative session.  



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