The fleet has steadily been descending on San Fernando since yesterday

Saturday, 15 April 2017


Many boats falling victim to holes off the Luzon coast of the Philippines. The final boats to arrive in the IRC 0 division after 100ft super Maxi Scallywag triumphantly arrived on Thursday night, raced in 28 minutes apart with Philippines entry Ernesto Echauz’s TP52 Standard Insurance Centennial coming out on top over Sam Chan’s TP52 FreeFire, arriving on Friday at 22:12:16hrs and taking second place in the IRC 0 division.

First in the IRC 1 division to arrive and subsequent winner of the IRC 1 overall trophy and 2nd in IRC Overall was Steve Manning / Anthony Roots’ Custom Ker 42 Black Baza crossing the finish line on Friday at 21:20:24hrs She was followed later by the Mills 41 Ambush owned by Joachim Isler / Andrew Taylor and the GTS 43 Mandrake III owned by Fred Kinmonth / Nick Burns.

Steve Manning commented on the racing. “The race was spectacular.  We had a great start leaving Hong Kong; we were in the front of the pack through to and past Waglan. Then as predicted the weather got very lumpy, we had a reasonably close reach the first night which was very uncomfortable but everyone held on to their stomachs.  We had one of the most beautiful sails we have ever had last night, today and into the finish.  Through a bit of the brain trust we managed to get a plan to miss all the major park ups and were able to keep us going all the time with no stops.  We're very happy with the results - how can we not be? And for Scallywag, with those conditions it was perfect to break records I can't really argue with that.  Thank you to the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club for the huge effort that goes in before hand and for welcoming us as promised with beers for the crew."

 The first boat to arrive in the IRC Premier Cruising division this morning was San Fernando Race Chairman’s boat Moonblue 2.  They had a difficult park up right before the finish and finally tip toed over the line today, Saturday at 08:32:53hrs. Winner of the Premier Cruising division Anthony Day’s XC50 Explorer sailed in this afternoon at 13:55:40hrs.

Moonblue 2 crew member Geoff Hill remarked on the race. “The first night was a bit tougher than the second night when we had 25 to 30kts.    It was rough, but Moonblue 2 is a big boat so it was easy... easier than other boats I've sailed on.  The second night was okay and after that it was fantastic sailing.  We slowed down for an hour, then stopped for an hour and half just before the finish - pretty typical I would have to say.  It all depends on when you arrive in San Fernando.”

The final boats racing are expected to arrive throughout the night with the last boat in the HKPN division Richard Winter’s Moody 46 Soko arriving sometime on Sunday afternoon.

Further information about the race is available on the event website

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