Bells Beer From the Chairperson-2017-03-30

Monday, 03 April 2017

It's hard to believe that the race is only 114 days away-- We have 127 boats registered as of this minute - 54 boats on the Shore Course and 73 boats for the Cove Island course.  ORR and ORR-EZ certificates are being processed.  For the Shore course boats, I want to thank you for working though the new rating system with us.  Art LeVasseur, the Race's Technical Chairman and Al Declerq have been invaluable in providing support, so if you have questions about ORR-EZ, please contact Art first.

Just a reminder that if you couldn't attend the ORR-EZ seminar on 3/2/17, the video of the information presented by Bjorn Johnson, president of the Offshore Racing Association ('ORA') and Jim Teeters, Technical Director of the ORA, is available on the official Bell's Beer Bayview Mackinac Race website on the New/PR page under the 2017/03/13 Chairman's message.

A few more dates to remember - June 1 is the unofficial registration deadline, June 15th is the official deadline and any entries after the June 15th date will be allowed only at the discretion of the Race Committee and will be assessed an additional processing fee of $300.  So, please get your entries in at your earliest convenience!   If you still need to apply for your certificate, don't forget to attach any measurement documentation you may have to your application; it helps them immensely to determine the proper rating for your vessel. 

Another detail to make your race entry process a little faster - please remember to sign your certificates, whether ORR (at the top) or ORR-EZ (top left-hand box).  Your signatures attest to your agreement that the measurements are correct and thereby validates your certificate which in turn brings you into compliance with NOR 4(a)(i) and 4(b)(i) requiring valid certificates.

Official Bell's Beer Bayview Mackinac Race gear is now available on the Mackinac Race website - just click on the duffle bag (right side under the countdown clock) on the website's home page.  We're pleased to have been able to come to agreement with Gill/Coral Reef to provide some really attractive merchandise and you can add your boat name/sail number to certain items.

We are making pre-inspections mandatory for competitors who are new to this race, but, should you wish to have a pre-race inspection, I'll pass along the information on how to contact the Inspection Chair, Bob Smith, in a future message.  There will still be pop up post-race inspections on the Island so your compliance with the Safety Equipment Requirements ('SER') is important.

The 'Endless Summer' band has again signed on to provide the music at the Island party.  They never fail to entertain us!

In conclusion, don't forget to plan for the Race while you're bringing your boats out of storage and/or taking off the shrink-wrap.  It will be a great year!!


Tricia Smotherman, 2017 Race Chair

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