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Fraser announces partnership with Seas & Deserts

Thursday, 30 March 2017

On the second day of the Kuwait Yacht Show, Fraser, the world’s largest superyacht brokerage firm, is pleased to announce their recent partnership with Seas & Deserts Group. Fraser will be expanding the choices for Seas &

Deserts customers with their unique portfolio of yachts for sale and charter as well as their superior yacht management, crew and construction services. Seas & Deserts is the premier Marine & Land Equipment Company in The Arabian Gulf and the Middle East. The company will bring their knowledge and experience to Fraser’s customers in the region. Fraser is excited to expand their presence in the Middle East by partnering with such a leading company in the area.

Seas & Deserts was established in Kuwait in 1978 to cater for the Middle Eastern love of “Bahar” & “Barr” (Sea & Desert). The company imports, exports, distributes, and is responsible for the supply and sale services of yachts and superyachts as well as other marine‐based and multi‐terrain vehicles, vessels and equipment. Combining strategic planning, ingenuity, creativity and highly qualified dedicated personnel they have constantly maintained their reputation for efficiency, reliability and professionalism. Fraser’s partnership with Seas & Deserts was a natural choice, with the company being the exclusive dealer for Azimut Yachts in Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE and Oman.

The new partnership demonstrates that Fraser continues to grow and increase its exceptional offerings to clients as they enter their 70th year of operations. Fraser already has 10 offices worldwide, and is a market leader in the innovation, services and management capabilities that they offer.

Fraser CEO Raphael Sauleau comments “We are delighted to be announcing our partnership with Seas & Deserts, they have a strong presence and sustainable history across the whole of the Middle East. This combined with their experience and skills in the brokerage market will allow us to expand our offering and provide a more dedicated service to clients in this region.”

Jeremy Tutt, Regional Director at Seas & Deserts added “We are excited to partner with Fraser which will enable us to broaden the choice for our customers. Buying brokerage yachts and yacht charters is a specialist field, by combining our experience in the region with Fraser’s respected and unique portfolio, we can ensure our customerscontinue to receive privileged and reliable product and service.”


Fraser is the largest luxury yacht service provider in the world, with over 150 employees and 10 offices around the globe. Services include yacht sales, charter, yacht management, crew and construction, specialising in yachts over 30m.

Fraser is part of the Azimut‐Benetti Group, the largest manufacturer of luxury yachts and the world's largest private group in the yachting sector and V.Ships, the largest marine services provider in the world.

For more information on Fraser, please go to: WWW.FRASERYACHTS.COM







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