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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Grant Amor from Aqualuma LED lighting said the Gold Coast International Boat Show on its new dates in March was far stronger than even he expected.

“We came to the show to support the new dates and to support the industry,” he said

“I was genuinely surprised at the strength of the show – I spoke with more boating people over the weekend than I spoke with at Miami International Boat Show in Florida.

“It was a very pleasing result and we will definitely be back next year.”

AMT Marine

Andy Taylor from AMT Marine said there was significant interest in the Whitehaven 6000 Coupe which was displayed at the Coomera show for the first time.

“This particular boat was sold prior to the show but we have some excellent qualified leads to follow up,” he said.

“It’s gone so well that next year we will be back here with more boats.”

Great Southern Marine

Todd Holzapfel from Great Southern Marine said the quality of enquiries on the Grand Banks on display was very encouraging.

“To be honest, in the luxury market it’s rare to conclude a sale at any boat show but it’s all about generating the leads and then following up with sea trials,” he said.

“We are very pleased with how it’s gone for us.”

Pacific Blue Cruise Cat

James Keay from Pacific Blue Cruise Cat also said the strong level of enquiry from qualified boating people was very encouraging.

“Everything went really well and we were really lucky with the weather.

“You can feel from that show that the marine industry has turned in the right direction.”

The Multihull Group

Rowan McMahon from The Multihull Group said over 600 people stepped aboard the Lagoon 450S throughout the three days.
“There’s also the significant economic flow-on for the Gold Coast and for Queensland – in fact for Australia,” she said.

“The show was great,” he said. “We had some solid people come through and we will be making some sales in the very near future, some in the not-too-distant future and some even further down the track.”

Queensland Marine Centre

Andrew Bennett said Queensland Marine Centre had sold boats across both the Boston Whaler and Sea Ray ranges.

“It was very positive – the people we spoke with were well qualified as boat buyers which was great because obviously we are at the higher end of the market,” he said.

“We returned to the Coomera show this year and we are very happy with the result and the return on investment.”

Riviera Australia

Riviera chairman and owner Rodney Longhurst said it was exciting to be a part of a boat show where the marine industry works together to deliver Queensland’s biggest boat show.

“For us at Riviera, it’s a wonderful opportunity to bring the Riviera Family together for an fantastic weekend of boating education, inspiration and celebration,” he said.

“Considering the uncertainty of the weather, we are very happy and it was a successful show with a very strong result,” he said.

Ensign Yacht Brokers

Jason Chipp from Ensign Yacht Brokers partnered with Whitsunday Escape and said the show will translate into sea trials, sales and boat charters.

“There was a lot more people than we expected and our enquiries were really good quality,” he said.

“Sales at the upper end of the yacht market really take over a month to finalise as we sort out the deals and trades, but we will see some results which is great.”


Anton Prange from Yachtshare said there has been great interest in the two syndicated cruising catamarans he had brought to the show.

“For us, this boat show is really about showing people how boating will enhance their lifestyle. We will now be following up on all our leads with sea trials over the next few weeks.

“Sometimes it can take several years for a customer to be ready to make a purchase, for instance we signed one client from the contact we made at this show two years ago, and that came within the first two hours of the show.”

Stefan Boating World

Stefan Ackerie said Stefan Boating World sold over $1 million in boats at the show and at his massive showroom, which is also located within the Gold Coast Marine Precinct at Coomera.

“We are very, very pleased with the result,” he said. “At the show, the buyers were simply captivated by the designs and then over at the showroom, we sold several bigger boats.

“Moving the boat show date to March was very smart – it’s worked really well and the event has now certainly hit the big time.”

Clipper Motor Yachts and Cobalt of Australia

Brett Thurley from Clipper Motor Yachts reported very strong interest in his $15 million line-up of Clipper and Marlow motor yachts and this should translate to two or even three purchases in the next few weeks.

“Our new Cobalt showroom was very popular and we are looking forward to helping families enjoy these premium cruisers and water sports boats.”

Sirocco Marine North

Dylan Lopez from Sirocco Marine North reported very strong sales of his range of inflatable tenders from 2.2m to 7.8m.

“Things have gone so well that we will take a lot more space next year – we’ve made sales to existing customers and new customers, and the business-to-business networking has been incredible too.

“The new dates in March have certainly worked and they have drawn a lot of people from interstate here to the Gold Coast for the first Australian boat show of the year.”

Mercury Marine

The Mercury Edge was again a massive hit with both existing boaters and those who simply wished to experience boating with their families, with over 660 sea trials conducted across the three days.

“The number of trials each day this year was up 15 per cent per day on last year, even with the showers on Sunday,” said marketing manager Anthony Brown.

“Mercury had 11 dealers at this boat show so the opportunity to support them, take people out on the water and show just what Mercury outboards can do has worked really, really well.

“This year, and for the first time, we had a Mercruiser available for trials and there’s been a great deal of interest there.

“The engines really sell themselves once people see how quiet, fuel efficient and powerful they are.”

Surf Coast Marine and Broadwater Boating Centre

Paul Banning from Surf Coast Marine said there had been very strong enquiry across the Quintrex range, and also Cruise Craft from Broadwater Boating Centre.

“The good thing is we have very strong leads to follow up and many of those people will be able to be on the water in time for Easter,” he said.

“This year we qualified people for the Quintrex Island and we conducted over 100 sea trials with very good prospects throughout the show – people were very impressed with the way our boats handle on the water.”

Voyager Catamarans

Derek Appleton from Voyager Catamarans said there was strong enquiry.

“Boat shows are great for people to come and see and feel and touch the boats and many of our clients are 12 months in the making,” he said. “Some of the orders we are taking now are from our display last year.”

Australian Marine Wholesale

Errol Cain from Australian Marine Wholesale made a late decision to come on board as a 2017 boat show exhibitor after opening a brand-new showroom at The Boat Works just a few days prior.

“I’m so glad I did come to the boat show because there were so many qualified boating people there. Some are previous customers and many are new customers,” he said.

“The show has generated refit work for luxury motor yachts that we may not otherwise have received and there’s also been fantastic interest in our new Raymarine thermal imaging cameras – we sold four at the show and we are now preparing quotes and acceptances on other work that will keep us busy for the next few months.”

Australian Davits & Cranes

John Berg from Australian Davits & Cranes said his strongest results came from luxury motor yacht owners.

“Our hydraulic swim platforms and our new Rotary system received a lot of interest – we’ve spent the best part of five years showcasing our products and people are starting to realise just how good they are and that they can do the job that they expect.”

Pro Fender

Ross Cooney from Pro Fender said the boat show was exceptional for his business.

“Most definitely the buyers were qualified and the sales to real boaters were awesome,” he said.

“We also have about 50 strong leads to follow up in the next few weeks so we thoroughly found it worthwhile.”

KLM Marine Electrics

John McDonald from KLM Marine Electrics said it was the best boat show he had ever been to.

“The result really was unprecedented for us,” he said. “We sold several Cummins Onan generators at the show – one to a new client from Sydney who came here to ‘see it all first’. In fact he also needed a water-maker and we were able to point him in the right direction there too.

“To be realistic, people research and carefully consider their decisions when they are spending thousands of dollars on their boats and there were not too many tyre-kickers at this show. In fact Muir Anchors & Winches told me the ratio was about 10:1 – 10 real boaters to one enquiry who came along simply to find out more about boating.”

International Paint & AWL Grip

Kasey McAllen from International Paint & AWL Grip said the strong results for the global boating brand and boat show founding partner were even better than expected.

“Our enquiries were genuine in every respect,” he said. “It was a great show for us.”

Whitewater Marine

Clint White from Whitewater marine sold over $200,000 worth of new boats at the show, and had scheduled five water tests throughout this week.

“The date change has certainly made a difference,” he said. “We’ve always had a great result from this boat show and it’s fair to say we are very happy this year.”

Boating & RV

Aaron Hunt from Boating & RV said sales were up significantly.

“We’ve seen a great result now the boat show is in March - it’s really quite impressive.”

C Worthy Marine

Cameron Ward from C Worthy Marine reported an excellent result from the show in terms of both sales and leads.

“We sold a boat early on Friday which was great and Saturday was just massive … we didn’t even stop for lunch.

“The new dates have worked very well and we’re looking forward to our water tests over the next few weeks.”


Ronnie Arenson from Mastercraft was also buoyed by the results of the boat show, despite intermittent showers and Sunday’s downpour.

“We are really happy,” he said. “It was very positive and the quality of enquiries was great too – we had the right people asking the right kind of questions.”

Altex Yacht & Boat Paint

Steve Christie said Altex Yacht & Boat Paint had their best boat show result for three years.

“We’re here supporting our dealers who now making a real impact in the DIY market with our new products,” he said.

“There’s a lot of real boating people here, which is terrific.”

Positive economic benefits of the boat show continue to flow

Mrs Brown said the Gold Coast International Boat Show operates as a not-for-profit event, with no government funding, and helps raise funds for local, worthwhile charity organisations.

“Visitors have come here from interstate and internationally specifically for our boat show and while they are here they spend money on accommodation, dining and on having fun.”

The benefits also extend to marine industry jobs at Australia’s boating industry capital: the Gold Coast Marine Precinct at Coomera.

“The marine industry professionals who attended our show – this year supported by the Boating Industry Association – are the best in the boating business and it’s so rewarding to be able to play a role in their growth,” she said.

Howard Glenn, national CEO of the Boating Industry Association – this year a delivery partner of the Gold Coast boat show – said the “industry legends” that created and supported the show should be very proud of its success.

“It’s a fantastic story of co-operation,” he said.

“Many of these marine industry leaders are in competition with each other but they put that aside for the greater good of our industry and for the benefit of the 30,000 people who work in the Australian marine industry.

“That truly is an inspiration.”

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