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Ingemar Group: Marina at Capo D’orlando, Sicily: A strategic harbour in Southern Mediterranean

Thursday, 16 March 2017

The new marina facing the Aeolian islands will open in early summer with 562

moorings Milan, February the 1st, 2017. Work is nearing completion for the inauguration of this newleisure boat harbour at Capo d'Orlando, Sicily, which is part of MPN Marinas, the group whichruns tourist ports and harbours and is managed by MP Network, a specialist in maritime startups and their management.

Capo d'Orlando Marina is on a beautiful part of the coast between Messina and Cefalù in front of the Aeolian islands and is destined to become an important and popular tourist harbour mainly due to its central position in the Mediterranean and its warm and gentle climate for most of the year.

The new marina, construction by ATI with the companys Franco Giuseppe Srl and Eurovega costruzioni srl, is formed by two large piers connected to the wharf, which spread out northwards and from which a series of mooring fingers branch out at right angles.

The main piers, 5ms in width with concrete surfaces, are a new type of Ingemar's continuous floating elements with a freeboard of 60cm and an elevated overload capacity of 500kg/mq, which allow for the secure passage of electric vehicles as well as having a wide access corridor to the mooring pontoons. Overall there are 280m of monobloc floating pontoons in reinforced concrete with polystyrene core, in modules of 12.5x5m, connected with semi-rigid joints and an ample central compartment protected by wooden pannels for the transit of maintenance vehicles.

The mooring pontoons are discontinuous floating elements to allow for the recycling of surface water and finished with exotic hardwood walkways. The single fingers, up to 150m length, extend for an overall area of 850m and are made of modules 2.5m in width with an overload capacity of 250kg/ m2; load-bearing structures are in galvanised steel and are supported by unsinkable concrete floating units with cores of expanded polystyrene.

All the floating structures are moored with tubular steel pilings fixed to the sea floor by special sliding devices allowing vertical movement according to wave swell and tidal variations.

The marina occupies an overall surface area of 183,000sqm and will be able to berth 562 boats of between 7.5m and 40m. Boat moorings will be of the med mooring typewith bollards, deep chains and dead weights.

All moorings will be supplied with firefighting terminals and steel service columns PLUS with EPower systems to quantify electricity and water consumption remotely controlled in the Marinas offices. The service columns can be run by mobile phone, computer and/or tablets by a new Smart Cloud system.

Included in the elegant design of infrastructures there will be a workshop for repairs and a storage hangar as well as 3,000sqm of shops, bars, restaurants and minimarkets. In the central part of the buildings will be the Yacht Club, including the club house, a large restaurant as well as outside space for both members and visitors. The transpartent cupola of the patio will be illuminated in the evenings to allow people to admire the splendour of the starry skies.

Cathy McLean

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