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Westrec Marinas & Miami-Dade County Celebrate Haulover Marine Center with Grand Opening & Dedication Held Today

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Fort Lauderdale, Florida: Westrec Marinas is pleased to announce the Grand Opening & Dedication, held today at 11:00 a.m., of its Haulover Marine Center—a $25 million renovation project—in Haulover Park, Miami, with representatives of Miami-Dade County Parks. 

Miami-Dade County speakers included George Navarette, Director Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces, and, District 4 Commissioner Sally A. Heyman. Bill Anderson and Gary Groenewold, Westrec President and Vice President respectively, discussed the project’s highlights. Harris Glaser, Vice President of Midnight Express commented on ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) accessibility planning and implementation at the Center. 

“Miami-Dade Parks is proud of its partnership with Westrec Marinas. We look at this new facility as a revitalized park space and its completion moves our community closer toward creating a parks and open spaces system that is more accessible, seamless, beautiful, equitable, and sustainable, with multiple benefits to better neighborhood living which are the guiding principles of the Open Space Master Plan,” said Miami-Dade Parks Director George Navarrete.  “We invite everyone to visit Haulover Marine Center and see all that this park has to offer.” 

Haulover Marine Center is the largest dry storage facility in South Florida and contains a new boat storage building with five-tier dry stack housing for 508 boats which nearly doubles the storage capacity of the former open rack system. An eye-catching pattern of blue waves and bubbles adorn the exterior walls of the new boat storage building, which is rated to withstand a category five hurricane. Special features include an innovative elevator lift system for retrieving and launching vessels and the capacity to hold larger multi-outboard engine boats, up to 60 feet long. The site also received a new boat launch area, a new bait-and-tackle shop, a new bath house, new landscaping, and a new 653-space lighted parking area for both marina and beach visitors. Funding for this project was provided by Westrec. 

“Throughout the U.S., Westrec is a trusted resource for local governments and municipalities to undertake projects such as Haulover,” said Bill Anderson, Westrec President. “Westrec is highly efficient in developing workable deliverables and creative in finding solutions for architectural, engineering, logistics and use models. We meet the needs of all involved and ultimately achieve what is in the best interest of the communities a facility serves and its guests,” he continued. 

In addition to representatives and speakers from Miami-Dade County and Westrec, guests at Haulover Marine Center’s Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting included current customers, media and corporate colleagues.

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