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USA. Navionics announces acquisition of Wavey Line

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Wareham, Mass. – Navionics, the leader in content and location-based services for the recreational boating and outdoor markets, announced today the acquisition of Wavey Line Charts.

The crystal-clear waters and the white beaches of the Caribbean – from Hispaniola to the northern end of Bahamas – are one of the world’s most sought after destinations for boaters. Bob Gascoine and Jane Minty, Wavey Line owners and founders, have done an outstanding job of charting those waters with their expertise as surveyors, divers and mariners, as well as cartographers. Navionics has invested very heavily in surveys of Bahamas with conventional methods as well as with airborne laser and crowd sourcing, resulting in one of the best electronic charts for the region. However, there is no upper limit to quality, and that is why the two top cartographers for the area decided to merge their wealth of data and expertise to produce the absolute best possible charts of the region.

“Wavey Line has developed a landmark portfolio over the decades,” said Giuseppe Carnevali, president and founder of Navionics. “We feel honored to have been chosen to assume the responsibility of carrying forward Wavey Line’s great legacy in the Caribbean.”

“Today marks the start of a new chapter for Jane and me,” said Gascoine. “Wavey Line Charts reflect our passion for exploration, boating, and island life. We are proud to see this transition and believe Navionics will continue the Wavey Line tradition for many years to come.”

A long-standing data partner with Navionics, Wavey Line chart coverage has provided pilotage notes and course lines in addition to updated bathymetric and depth information for some of the most dynamic and technically difficult approaches in the southern islands. Wavey Line nautical charts are regarded as a quality leader providing exceptional detail, accuracy, and aesthetics made up from Gascoine and Minty’s own surveys from decades of ongoing fieldwork.

Wavey Line and Navionics customers can expect continued Caribbean and Bahamas updates, eventually merging the best of both companies, downloadable to mobile devices as well as plug and play cards with an active Daily Updates subscription. Navionics cartography can be viewed at

About Navionics®

For more than 30 years, Navionics® has developed and manufactured electronic navigation charts and systems for marine, inland lakes and rivers, and outdoors use. Navionics, based in Viareggio, Italy, operates its US headquarters in Wareham, MA, and worldwide offices in the UK, India, Australia and Russia.

About Wavey Line Charts

Bob Gascoine, founder of Wavey Line Charts, has worked as a ‘marine professional’ throughout the Bahamas and Caribbean area for over 30 years. His work has ranged from sailing charters aboard his schooner for, numerous vessel deliveries between Miami and the Caribbean and live-aboard scuba diving charters aboard his motor catamaran. Bob has made two Atlantic crossings and over 50 voyages through the entire Bahamas Islands Chain. Bob holds a British Board of Trade Ticket and a British RYA Yacht Masters Certificate. Jane Minty teamed up with Bob in the early 1990’s and contributed artistic and computer graphic arts skills. Their early work surveying the Turks & Caicos Islands – the first-ever detailed surveys carried out in this area – were Bob’s qualifying entry for Fellowship of the Royal Geographic Society.

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