EFG Sailing Arabia The Tour 2017 Documentary (Part 2/3)

Saturday, 25 February 2017

EFG Sailing Arabia – The Tour delivers high level racing attracting top amateur and professional sailors from four continents to one of the most beautiful sailing destinations in the world. Here's the second part of the 2017 documentary film.
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Part two of EFG Sailing Arabia - The Tour 2017 documentary sees the teams race up the stunning Omani Coastline from Sohar to Khasab, then on to Abu Dhabi and into the spectacular Emirates Palace Marina.
We get to know the people behind the teams and follow them on their adventure around Arabia. From Skipper of Adelasia Di Torres, Caterina Nitto, who has sailed the world working for Greenpeace, to Mike Miller, group treasurer at Zain group and sailing team manager of Team Zain; a part amateur, part professional team who are on the verge of getting their first podium spot of the 2017 tour.

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About Oman Sail
Oman Sail is a national initiative established in 2008 that uses the power of sport to contribute to the development of the Omani people. The equal opportunity project runs sailing programmes for thousands of young Omani men and women, inspiring a new generation to discover sailing. It encompasses a national sailing squad and high achieving inshore and offshore racing teams, all of which benefit from world-class coaching and whose ultimate objective is to win an Olympic medal for Oman. The programme aims to build seven sailing schools around the country, four of which are already operational. The goal is to rekindle Oman’s maritime heritage while raising the country’s regional and international profile as a high-end tourist and foreign investment destination, through competitive sailing at home and abroad. Oman Sail seeks to instil confidence and to teach valuable, transferable life skills to a generation of Omanis.

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