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Obituary: Mike Peyton

Thursday, 09 February 2017

Published on: 09 February 2017

Award-winning yachting cartoonist, Mike Peyton, has died aged 96.

Beloved by many for his admirable personality and memorable work, a number of well-known names from across the industry have paid their tributes to this talented artist and keen sailor who passed away on Wednesday 25 January 2017.

Mike began sketching as a boy, inspired by 1930s British comics. After the Second World War, he went on to study at the Manchester Art School. He soon discovered a love of boating, buying a 12ft canvas canoe and working his way down the River Thames and sleeping on moored barges, before he went on to buy his first proper boat called Vagrant.

He went on to work as freelance cartoonist for the New Scientist magazine for 35 years, as well as contributing other magazines, various yachting publications. For more than 30 years Mike drew the illustrations for Yachting Monthly’s ‘Confessional’ section, in which reader confessed their sailing sins and received an original Peyton cartoon for the best story. Over his career, his cartoons were printed in yachting magazines worldwide, from Japan to the USA, and he published 18 books of yachting cartoons.

In recognition of his achievements and contribution to the world of sailing, Mike was last year presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Yachting Journalist Association and was dubbed ‘the Picasso of Sailing’. In addition, the Royal Cruising Club awarded him a Medal for Services to Cruising in 2011 for ‘encouraging others to pick themselves up from near disaster and learn from their mistakes’.     

British Marine Boat Shows, or National Boat Shows as it was known then, was delighted to work with Mike on the advertising campaign for the 2007 London Boat Show. With Mike so loved in the boating world, it was a natural fit to use his illustrations throughout the marketing campaign

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