New-look SAP Extreme Sailing Team Returns With Podium Ambitions

Thursday, 09 February 2017

Andy Hunt on Special Event status for Extreme Sailing Series™

World Sailing Special Events are pinnacle events in the sport of sailing, offering opportunities to develop the sport’s profile away from national federations, clubs and class structures - the traditional routes of growth.

Designated by the world governing body for the sport of sailing, Special Events set the tone for the sport with innovation, exploration of compelling new formats and excellent public engagement and fulfil and exceed the requirements of an online audience thirsty for information, content and immediate feedback from the world’s best sailors.

The Extreme Sailing Series™ is a fantastic example of a World Sailing Special Event and since its introduction in 2007 the global Series has paved a path for Stadium Racing that many others have followed.

By placing the sport in the heart of host cities, the Series has put sailing well and truly in the spotlight, welcoming, engaging and inspiring more than one million spectators in some of the world’s most beautiful sailing arenas.

Innovation within the Extreme Sailing Series remains at its core and the introduction of foiling GC32s has led to a new, faster era for the event that constantly pushes the boundaries. The development and progression of the Series has never faltered and premium brands continue to support it, lending their expertise to promote sailing even further.

OC Sport’s professional management of the Extreme Sailing Series has ensured consistent growth and as a World Sailing Special Event, the world governing body will continue to encourage, support and collaborate with the Series to develop the sport even further.

Andy Hunt

World Sailing CEO

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