Neptune Island, Indonesia: Day 3 - Who dares enter King Neptune waters?

Saturday, 04 February 2017


The breeze returned to the North East and 14 to 16 knots propelled all the yachts, on the 7.7nm downwind trip to the equator in record time and into the clutches of King Neptune's domain. The highlight of the regatta is crossing the equator. Each boat appoints their own King Neptune and trusty assistant Davy Jones. The Slimy Pollywogs (Never crossed the equator by boat) are thoroughly denounced for their crimes by Davy Jones and after a suitable penance chosen by King Neptune, are accepted by the court as Trusty Shellback's.

After conducting this ceremony and other suitable frivolities, they restarted at the equator and returned to Neptune Island. The elapsed times are combined and the class results make up a single race. Further punishments were conducted back onshore as time restraints and engine problems prevented them from being conducted at the equator. The crew on Fintan McKiernan's Sea Monster were judged to have the best fancy dress at the equator, with their horny headgear.

Trouble dousing the spinnaker forced Robert Lamoureux Beneteau Sense 55 Grand Lux to sail way past the lay line and ended up withdrawing from the outward leg but two wins on the first two races, keeps them in the lead of the Premier Cruising Class. A win for Victor Nurcombe Bavaria 56 Sakkara draws them level on points with Grand Lux due to the turn of events. Second place for Prof David Stringer and Dr Irene Lim Beneteau 54 Kayhan brings them back into contention, only one point from the tied leaders. Third place for Fintan McKiernan Beneteau 50 Sea Monster also compresses the pointscore and the leaders can't afford any more missed opportunities.

Once again Guy Scott's Stealth 11.8 Afterburner led the fleet across the finish line, but again not far enough in front to be eclipsed by Xavier Glenard / Damien Geoffray Dash 750 Kaze for the handicap honours. This time Graham Horn Corsair Dash Mk II Jaza Too had a turn of speed on the homeward leg, to take 2nd place and get one over Alice Lim's Dash 750 DebDash in 3rd place but remain in the reverse order in the overall stakes.

Over dinner, the crew on Chris Mitchell's Naut 40 Lady Bubbly expressed concern about their upwind performance after winning all the downwind races, but their worries were put to bed, when they won the combined equator race and keep their winning streak alive, in the Cruising Class. With the stronger breeze Graeme Hespe CS36 Jens Jaunt struck up another 2nd place and is closing in on second overall, after a slow Race 1. Third place for Patrick Lim Oceanis 37 Windhover makes it three in a row, but their second place overall is coming under fire. Since it is Alyssa Nolan's first ever race on her Corbin 39 Dessert First they are improving each day and 4th place is a remarkable achievement, for the crew that didn't even know how to start on Day 1.

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