Vendée Globe: One low-pressure system after another for Nandor Fa

Thursday, 02 February 2017

While 10 skippers are enjoying good sailing conditions, Nandor Fa will face several storms during the coming days.

The high pressure system which has protected us from the storms on the French coasts for the past two weeks and which brought a cold and dry Easterly wind has disappeared. The wintry lows are back. They form off the United States or off Canada and cross the Atlantic Ocean in two or three days before approaching the European coast by curving their trajectory northward.

Nandor Fa is going to face them at the rate of one a day on his way to Les Sables d'Olonne.

The objective for the Hungarian skipper is at the moment to stay between the Azores high to his South and the series of depressions to avoid the strongest winds. It will then be necessary to find the way through to sail northward and cross the Bay of Biscay with good wind conditions. The end of the Vendée Globe will not be an easy one for him.

Nandor Fa (Spirit of Hungary) is at the latitude of Funchal and has light to moderate W'ly winds, making around 10kts boat speed. But tomorrow Fa will get into the stronger W'lies associated with the low pressure to his north and west. By the Azores he will likely see 25-30kts. Eric Bellion and Conrad Colman are in strong NE'ly trade winds. Bellion is 313 miles ahead and continues to be over half a knot faster than Colman. Arnaud Boissières crossed the Equator last night at 2340hrs UTC and has around 12kts of wind making about 8-9kts boat speed. Fabrice Amedeo is 84 miles behind and quicker, making 12kts of speed.

Swiss skipperAlan Roura is into good SE'ly trades off Recife and is sailing at 12kts. still extending away from Rich Wilson who is making 9kts and has still not really found a stronger trade wind yet. The American skipper will be pleased this morning to be passing the latitude of Salvador de Bahia.
The lateral separation between the match racers Romain Attanasaio and Didac Costa is now 60 miles west to east. The Catalan Costa is still slightly quicker making 10.4kts upwind compared to Attanasio's 9.1.

A big zone of high pressure and light winds still seems set to block the path of Pieter Heerema, but the Dutch skipper is making 11.5kts of speed and is in 19kts E'ly winds. Sébastien Destremau is making 7-8kts very close to the AEZ in light winds.

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