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The North Dock in Palma, a year of success!

Sunday, 15 January 2017


‘A place where a wide range of professional marine services can be accessed, all under one roof…’

“When a number of independent marine service companies offering complimentary skills and products find themselves conveniently situated inside one of the largest and most advanced repair/refit yards in Europe, it makes sense to let the yachting world know that they are easy to find, and very ready to do business.”

“With this simple but convincing concept in mind, the directors of eight independent specialist service providers who all occupy the same building within STP shipyard, decided to create a common identity which clearly distinguishes their work place, and its considerable outreach to the world of luxury yachting which Palma de Mallorca has become justly famous for.”

This is how the establishment of a new set up, at the STP shipyard in Palma de Mallorca was announced back in May of this year…. and what a year it has been!    

A solid reputation for quality products and services.

The ‘The North Dock Building’ has now become firmly established as ‘a place to do business’, and is easy to find alongside the 700 ton travel lift at the North end of STP’s 70,000 sq. metres of work space, and also close to the dockage which offers another 35,000 sq. metres of berthing space for yachts under repair.

The eight companies represented at the North Dock are truly fulfilling the promise that the original yard concession demanded; “an ‘open shipyard’, with investment in the finest facilities, where a yacht owner, captain or project manager can choose the professionals he or she wishes to work with.”

Some of the companies inside the North Dock Building have been reliably serving client’s yachts in Mallorca for up to 20 years, so it goes without saying that the range of skills, products, craftsmanship and dedication is at the highest possible level.

An extensive capability list as follows:

Antifouling Application, Electrics, Electronics, Fixtures & Fittings, Haul Out Works, Interior Works, Joinery and Teak Decks, Material Supplies, Marine installations, Paint finish and Re-sprays, Paint and Material Supplies, Plumbing and Installations, Refit and Project Management, Sails Supply and Repairs, Scaffold & Boat Covers, Shrink-wrap, Welding and Metal Machining.

The eight independent companies who have put their names behind the North Dock identity are:

Anicla (Paint / Coating Supplies), De Cabo (Painting / Polishing / Antifouling), Palmawatch (Refit / Repairs / Haul-Outs), IBS (Electrics / Electronics), Undercover (Yacht Containment / Covers / Shrink-Wrap / Fixtures & Fittings), Trappmann (Interiors / Design / Upholstery), Servicios Náuticos Integrados Palma (Painting / Antifouling / Propspeed Application), Munditubo (Scaffolding / Yacht Covering.) 

A satisfied client list.

One only has to look at the list detailing just a few of the yachts that have been attended to by one or more of the North Dock companies over the last few months, to see that credibility and confidence in the products services offered is well accepted:

Motor Yachts: Ilona – Roma – Icon – Slipstream - Blind Date – Herculina - Jade Mary – Aziza – Vava – Paramour - G-One.

Sailing Yachts: ‘Is a Rose’ – ‘Aglaia’ – ‘Melek’ – ‘Eos’ – ‘Mondango’ – ‘Kokomo’ – ‘Unfurled’ – ‘Binziyad’ – ‘Constanter’ – ‘Naiade’ – ‘MYI’ – ‘Londine’ – ‘Seawave’ – ‘Vivid’ – ‘Luskentyre’ – ‘Rainbow’ (J-Class) – ‘Twilight’ (Oyster 125)  - ‘Ivanka’ (Shipman 80)  - ‘Selene’ (van Meer 22m)  - ‘Flying Spirit‘ (Oyster 625 ) – ‘Cookielicious’ (Oyster 72 ) – ‘Albertone 3’ (Oyster 72)  - ‘Seahorn’ (Nordia 59)  - ‘Beija Mar’ (Oyster 56)  - ‘Alta Marea’ (Jongert 2900M)  - ‘Crystal’ (Jongert 2100S)  - ‘Seahorn’ (Nordia Van Dam 64) - Nikata (Baltic 115) - ‘Open Season’ (Wally 107) – ‘Galma’ (Wally 94.) 

Get in contact….

If you are planning haul out works, painting, antifouling, electrical/mechanical repairs or installations, shipwright works, carpentry, metal machining, interior design, or maybe a total refit for your yacht in 2017, then a North Dock company can help, why not drop by if you’re in Palma or get in contact by phone or e.mail…  



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