Mallorca by Land, Air and Sea

15th Royal Langkawi International Regatta-day 4

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Ready for a Fantastic Adventure

150 Oyster owners, family and crew, attended the Oyster World Rally Start Party at the Copper & Lumber Hotel in Nelson's Dockyard, Antigua. Cocktails and canapés were served, followed by dinner under the stars. David Tydeman, Chief Executive Officer of Oyster Yachts, welcomed the Oyster family to the party.

“The feedback from our questionnaire shows that you all have amazing and varied backgrounds and different reasons for deciding to sail around the world. When you return in two years time, we anticipate that over 100 Oysters will have made that journey since the company started, which says so much about why people decide to sail an Oyster. We feel very privileged to have been able to organise the rally, you are part of a very special group of people, you have all committed the time and resources to sail around the world, and we are looking forward to your stories. Most of all we hope that you will have a great and safe adventure, we will be following you with great interest over the next two years.”

Of the 31 yachts participating in the Oyster World Rally, 15 have sailed over 4000 miles to get to the start in Antigua, including Eric Alfredson's Swedish Oyster 575 Lisanne which won class in the ARC (Atlantaturing Asher Otto, played a vibrant set on the main stage after dinner, with a mixture of their own songs and smash hits through the decades. The dance floor soon came alive, and the party lasted well into the night.

The Oyster World Rally fleet have now assembled in Nelson's Dockyard ready for the start of the 2017-19 Oyster World Rally, on Sunday 15th January 2017.

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