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Australian Engine and Evaporative Emission Standards paper released

Friday, 13 January 2017

General Government Relations

Australia’s Office of Air Quality recently released an update paper – ‘Working towards Australian emission standards for non-road spark ignition engines and equipment (NRSIEE)’ – which outlines information on the regulation of marine engine emissions in 2018, and states that there will be no evaporative emission standards at this time. There are still many questions regarding how the rule will be regulated and enforced, and NMMA will work with IMEC to determine the specific requirements.

The paper details how the new standards will be implemented, including their linkage to international standards, when they will come into force, which NRSIEE products they will apply to and what requirements will be placed on importers and suppliers of these products to the Australian market.

Further background information regarding the development of the new emission standards is available on the department’s website at:

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