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Torqeedo adds new range of discreet, yet powerful Cruise pod drives

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Melbourne sailor Matthew Geake recently became the first in Australia to experience a new and award-winning breed of hull-mounted electric marine motors – the Torqeedo Cruise 4.0 FP.

The Cruise 4.0 FP (fixed pod) model installed on his wooden yacht Jolly, earned a rave review.

“Putting my Torqeedo Cruise pod drive to the test was exciting – she performed really well, with a generous amount of power even with six of us aboard! And so very quiet, it’s amazing,” he said.

The drives – which can power sail and motor boats up to 10 tons – recently won the 2016 DAME Design Award presented at Mets Marine Trade show in Amsterdam and judges’ comments included: “The pods are the most compact drive design; smaller, lighter and more economical than ever.”

The Cruise FP drives deliver the high-quality and eco-friendly performance Torqeedo – the world leader in electric marine motors – is renowned for, combined with a design that is convenient, saves space, is whisper quiet and has minimal drag.

Despite being virtually silent, the pod drives harbour a commanding punch with the performance equivalent of 5, 8 or 20HP; perfect for conquering tough swells and windy afternoons.

The pod drives are available in three models; the Cruise 2.0/4.0 FP and Cruise 10.0 FP. All are lightweight with an optional folding propeller – which ensures plenty of space is saved on board.

The Cruise 2.0/4.0 FP will propel a sailboat up to four tons at over 11 km/h and has a running time of approximately nine hours at slow speed (boat dependent),

Meanwhile, the Cruise 10.0 FP is ideal to propel motorboats and sailboats up to 10 tons up to 32km/h when at full throttle and has a running time of over six hours at slow speed (boat dependent). So efficient, these offer more range and power with limited battery capacity than any other electric pod motor.

Torqeedo Product Manager at Power Equipment, Jason Hodder said: The Torqeedo Cruise FP drives have everything a sailor could want – they’re inconspicuous, mighty powerful, super quiet, solar chargeable and highly efficient, which ensures plenty of range.

“We’re thrilled to help Matthew complete Australia’s first Cruise 4.0 pod installation and are confident many more will come. Like all Torqeedo motors, they’re backed by German technology – innovative, eco-friendly and convenient.”

“The most important benefit of the Torqeedo Cruise FP drives? They are so discreet you’ll forget all about them and focus on what’s important; enjoying time on the water!”

The Cruise FP series is first-class when it comes to convenience. There is minimal motor noise, even at full load, direct cooling in the water and an intelligent on-board computer with an interface for TorqTrac; the optional smartphone app for Torqeedo motors.

The lithium batteries also provide far greater performance with lower weight than conventional lead batteries – not weighing down your boat and resulting in increased range and power.

Like all Cruise drive systems, the pod versions are saltwater-compatible, corrosion-protected, very robust and safe, thanks to an emergency magnetic kill switch and no need to carry fuel on board.

Tests have found that a hull-mounted pod drive decreases performance by less than 0.1 knot – ensuring drag is not an issue.

“The new Cruise 4.0 FP range and first installation comes off the back of a very successful 2016 for Torqeedo in Australia,” said Jason.

After Power Equipment took over the distribution rights this year, over 100 outboards have been sold across the nation, and the outboards were recently mounted to the safety kayaks during the Massive Murray Paddle event from 21 to 25 November, with the safety team completing rescues quicker than ever before.

About Torqeedo:

Torqeedo is a pioneering German brand founded in 2005 and is at the global forefront of marine propulsion technology. It is known for its innovative, convenient and eco-friendly outboards that meet the criteria of superior technology and revolutionary benefits.

About Power Equipment:

Power Equipment is the official Australian and New Zealand distributor of the Torqeedo range including Ultralight, Travel, Cruise and Deep Blue. Over the last 25 years, Power Equipment has established its position as the leading distributor of industrial and marine engines in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific, passionate about delivering the very best brands.