Ocean Kayak Pro Announces 1,000+ Mile “Trident Fishing Tour 2017”

Monday, 02 January 2017

Hardcore “Kayak Kevin” Whitley to paddle from Florida Keys to Chesapeake Bay

 Old Town, ME (January 2, 2017) - The state motto “Virginia is for lovers” fits Norfolk resident and Ocean Kayak pro Kayak Kevin Whitleuyto a T. He’s a man of many passions—in his early life, skateboarding, snowboarding, and playing guitar in several hardcore bands—and for the past decade and a half, kayak fishing.

But not just fishing from a kayak—Whitley has been setting kayak fishing records, self-producing blood-pumping DVDs, hosting podcasts, contributing to various fishing magazines, and covering thousands of miles of water in the process.

Although full-time gigging may be in Whitley’s rear-view mirror, his zeal for kayak fishing is 100% old-school, DIY punk rock. These days, instead of scrimping gas money to fill a beat-up band tour van, he’s investing every penny into ambitious kayak fishing tours, each fishing hotspot on the map like some must-play club… while still bearing resemblance to one Lemmy Kilmister, R.I.P.

In 2003, not long after slipping his first Ocean Kayak into the water, Whitley embarked on a 500-mile paddle from the Georgia/Florida border to his home in Norfolk, Virginia. Two years later, in 2005, he paddled 1,800 miles solo from Pensacola, Florida, to Norfolk, Virginia.

Whitley’s tours have been more than sightseeing and big fish. Along the way, Whitley’s survived Poseidon’s mighty wrath; he’s been blown out to sea, weathered electrical storms and giant, kayak-filling waves, and survived flirtatious alligators and sharks. Rock ‘n’ roll to the core, these learning experiences have only intensified Whitley’s insatiable drive to explore and fish new waters. 

“I probably learned more in the first 50 miles of my first tour than the entire rest of the trip. The first day I was sucked out into the ocean. I was not respecting the tides. It was almost over before it began. It was like kayak boot camp and nearly killed me, but what doesn’t only makes you stronger… or wiser, anyway,” laughs Whitley.

In 2006, Whitley decided to take a break from paddling eight to 10 hours a day, sleeping on beaches, and gormandizing on nothing but canned tuna, Pop Tarts, and Smarties. “It was a pure energy thing to keep me going… and cheaper than granola.”

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