Vendee Globe: Atlantic Sprint D-3

Monday, 02 January 2017

Saturday 31 December 2016, 19h45

Wherever you are on the globe, in 3 days you’ll have the chance to take part in the Atlantic Sprint. Its start towards les Sables d’Olonne will be given on Tuesday, Jan 3rd, 2017, at 1 p.m. It will be an express climb up of the Atlantic Ocean that will enable you to feel the stress to be in the fleet’s lead and to challenge the best virtual sailors. Don’t let this chance slip by and register for this unique experience.

You haven’t crossed Cape Horn yet and you’re helplessly watching the forerunners escape under the warm latitudes while you’re still amidst the southern Oceans storms. For the duration of a race, live the stresses of the leading sailors by embarking into a new virtual adventure. The Atlantic sprint which start will be given on Tuesday, Jan 3rd, 2017, at 1 p.m., will start from the position of the Virtual Vendée Globe leader. To join it, nothing simpler: just register on the Virtual Regatta home page and let you guide in order to take part in this new exciting race.  More details will be given at the beginning of next week


Madalone, very far in the West off the Brazilian coasts and Rio de Janeiro, holds, for the time being, the Virtual Vendée Globe lead ahead of 502 bad Gateway and januin-VSC. They are all in the West of a high-pressure system that is bullying a good part of the forerunners. They’ve been tacking in the Southern Atlantic Ocean for hours and days and are gaining northbound. They however will have to cross the St Helena High, the biggest hurdle of the southern part of this ocean. More in the South, the first high-pressure bubble is beginning to devour the rivals, whose average speed is crumbling, and is dealing the cards again. It’s hard to get well positioned under these conditions. The strategy is essential right from the passage of the Falkland Islands, in order to get well positioned in relation to these low-pressure zones. Chin up and chest out, everyone, in this last day of 2016! There won’t be any time difference whether you’re in the Pacific, Indian or Atlantic oceans. Do not forget to pay the traditional Champagne tribute to your virtual boat, which, since November 6th, has brought you such wonderful adventures. See you tomorrow for the New Year’s wishes…

In this last day of 2016, here is the satellite view of the Virtual Vendée Globe. It’s a beautiful armada sailing on a great part of the oceans and the seas.

If you happen to pass by the VR news boat, do not hesitate to leave a message; this vessel is the link between the players and the editors. As we already have told, the huge success of the boat does not allow us to answer all your questions. As news go by, we’ll bring you some solutions advises, answers, and all this kind of things…

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