Ireland. Marine Notice No. 42 of 2016

Monday, 10 October 2016

Notice to all Shipowners, Fishing Vessel Owners, Agents, Shipmasters, Skippers, Fishermen, Yachtsmen and Seafarers

The Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport have been advised that Sea Power Ltd and Atlantic Towage & Marine Ltd are due to install a wave energy device and associated moorings at the Marine Institute’s ocean energy test site in Galway Bay, located within the following co-ordinates:

Latitude     Longitude

53°13.90’N         009°15.55’W

53°13.90’N         009°16.15’W

53°13.60’N         009°15.55’W

53°13.60’N         009°16.15’W

The “Ocean Bank” (Callsign EIHO7) is scheduled to arrive at the ocean energy test site in Galway Bay on the 10th October 2016 to commence installation of four moorings for the wave energy device. The moorings will be mobilised from Galway Docks and installed at the ocean energy test site over a period of three days.

The “Trojan” (Callsign EIEX6) will tow the wave energy device from Foynes Harbour to the ocean energy test site in Galway Bay on the 14th October 2016 and connect the wave energy device to the moorings over a period of three days

The vessels will return to the ocean energy test site on or before 19th March 2017 to remove the device and moorings

Installation of a Wave Energy Device and Associated Moorings in Galway Bay


The location is shown on the map below, and the duration of the entire operation will be approximately 7 days depending upon weather or other operational conditions.

The vessels will display appropriate lights and markers. The vessels will be broadcasting/listening on VHF Channel 16 during the project.

Marine Notices are issued purely for maritime safety and navigation reasons and should not be construed as conferring rights or granting permissions.

Irish Maritime Administration,

Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport,

Leeson Lane, Dublin 2, D02 TR60, Ireland.


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