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Monday, 19 September 2016


Yacht Carbon Offset is the first purchaser of units from a pioneering shipping related greenhouse gas reduction project, and is delighted to announce further premium projects, including on the islands of Aruba and Mauritius. Emission reductions achieved by a range of technologies are available to meet their requirements and preferences of participating yacht owners and their guests.


International Shipping – Advanced antifouling

The project consists of applying an advanced antifouling system to a fleet of 17 ships. The low resistance coating, which is also free of biocides, increases vessel fuel efficiency. Fuel consumption data before and after the

application of the coating are compared to determine the fuel savings achieved by the project, and hence the number of tonnes of CO2 emissions that have been avoided.


Yacht Carbon Offset’s Mark Robinson explained: “Until now, the best greenhouse gas reduction projects have been specific installations at particular locations. This is the first where the credits are generated from an intervention on commercial ships. The methodology, developed between the Gold Standardorganisation, the coatings manufacturer and verifiers RINA, carefully quantifies the fuel savings attributable to the advanced coating over one docking cycle.

We feel this is a great project - highly relevant to us in the yachting community and the wider maritime sector. We are proud to have purchased the first available units for our clients.”


The monitoring undertaken for the project contributes concrete evidence for the performance improvement from this fuel-saving technology. This offers the indirect benefit of encouraging wider adoption amongst other vessels not participating in the project itself.


Other worldwide projects for 2016

Since 2008, Yacht Carbon Offset has supported a wide range of emission reduction projects, mostly centred on green energy where fossil fuels are substituted by renewable resources such as wind, biomass or hydroelectric.

Money from the carbon offset service provides essential funding to each project, and in exchange the carbon savings achieved by the project are allocated to the yacht.


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