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UK. B&G launches RaceVision3000 at Southampton Boat Show

Friday, 14 September 2007

B&G is launching a sophisticated new wireless, handheld On-Deck Tactical Navigation PC at Southampton Boat Show 2007. RaceVision3000 builds on previous versions of RaceVision, which has proven to be a vital tactical tool, used by the world's top race winning navigators.

"B&G is about performance for all levels of cruising and racing," says Richard Acland, Managing Director, B&G. "This performance comes from our commitment to the top level of our sport where we develop solutions like RaceVision and the WTP2 processors for the world's fastest boats in collaboration with leading, record breaking yachtsmen and women."

RaceVision3000 is a compact, rugged, touch-screen PC for on-deck navigation on racing yachts. It is designed to meet the tough requirements of the racing navigation environment and is available in two variants, one with a Bluetooth Wireless Port, whilst the other is configured for use with a boat's Wireless LAN (WLAN).

Within today's racing scene, it is rare to see a competitive racing yacht without an on-deck PC for navigation use. RaceVision3000 is the only all-in-one 'off-the-shelf' solution for navigators. This high-power tablet-style PC comes complete with the latest version of B&G's Deckman tactical software, making it an unmatched tool for pre-race strategy and tactical decision making.

RaceVision3000 uses an on-deck IP67 Wireless Antenna that can be placed anywhere onboard, which enables several cutting-edge, performance enhancing features, including wireless communication with a boat's instrument system. This provides the navigator with access to performance navigation data from all areas of the boat, allowing crew positioning for optimum boat performance.

Other wireless functionality includes the ability to collect Deckman weather data from WiFi hotspots in marinas (where available) before sailing. Additionally, WTP2 communicates with the instrument system via LAN, allowing higher communication speeds and multiple RaceVision3000 units to be used. RaceVision3000 uses a Windows XP operating system so users can add third-party software to add even further functionality and flexibility.

"RaceVision3000 is part of our dedication to top level racing but, with the increasing introduction of new one design classes and its ability to be used for superyacht applications such as systems monitoring, we predict that a growing number of yachts and navigators will be counting on RaceVision for that all important performance boost," comments Alan Davis, Product Manager, B&G.

RaceVision3000 can be found on the Navico UK stand (G097) at Southampton Boat Show 2007.

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