Steve Fossett was looking for lake beds suitable for land speed record attempt

Tuesday, 04 September 2007

A spokesman for Steve Fossett has told BYM News that the record breaking yachtsman and aviator, flight out of the Hilton Ranch, in Nevada, yesterday, was a reconnaissance mission, over the desert. Fossett planned to fly over a number of lake beds, to find possible sites for his planned attempt on the world land speed record.

Fossett’s team still has high hopes that he is alive, telling BYM “We all know he’s been in tough situations before and come out of them, we’re hoping he’s going to walk out of the desert.”

The Steve Fossett website has gone down, as a result of an extraordinary number of hits, but work is going on to restore it as soon as possible.

Thirteen aircraft are now searching for the blue and white Citabria Super Decathlon plane. There is no indication as to why a signal has not been received from the plane’s emergency beacon.

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