USA. Mirr Ranch Group announces exclusive agreement with Patagonia Sur

Thursday, 02 July 2015

Mirr Ranch Group just entered into an exclusive agreement to market Patagonia Sur's portfolio of properties to clients in North America. The portfolio covers over 13,000 acres in Chile and is valued at nearly $20 million.

Mirr Ranch Group recently entered into an exclusive agreement with Patagonia Sur and will now market the Santiago-based sustainable land use company’s portfolio of Chilean properties to clients in North America. The portfolio covers over 13,000 acres in Chile and is valued at nearly $20 million (US).

“We are pleased to offer these rare and beautiful properties to our clients here in the United States. Patagonia Sur and Mirr Ranch Group share a common vision of finding responsible stewards of the land in order to protect and preserve our landscapes,” explained Ken Mirr, Owner/Broker of Mirr Ranch Group.

Ken Mirr has been traveling and marketing properties in Chile and Argentina since 2003 and he has had a proven track record in Patagonia with nearly 80,000 acres and over $20 million in sales. Mirr Ranch Group will be listing five of the Patagonia Sur holdings: Jeinimeni, Tortel, Lago Espolon, Rio Palena and Valle California.

According to Felipe Zegers, General Manager of Patagonia Sur, “Patagonia Sur is honored to partner with Mirr Ranch Group in order to offer our remarkable properties to a North American audience. Hand-picked by our team, each property is a testament to Chilean Patagonia´s unparalleled beauty, incredible biodiversity and vibrant cultural landscape. A roaring success, over 70% of the land in our original portfolio has already been sold. I personally look forward to introducing more families and investors to properties that they will cherish for generations to come. We are confident that this alliance with Mirr Ranch Group will be greatly beneficial, permitting us to position our properties in the US market.”

Mirr further adds, “Patagonia Chile is one of the greatest natural reserves in the world with many areas untouched and pristine. The overall environment, scenery and fly-fishing is unparalleled. There is real value here as well, with many recreational properties and farms priced well below comparable properties in the United States. Chile is particularly intriguing with sound foreign investment and ownership laws as well as economic and political stability. Our partnership with Patagonia Sur enables us to make this land opportunity a seamless process.”

About Patagonia Sur:
Patagonia Sur is a preeminent sustainable development company that invests in, protects, and enhances scenically remarkable and ecologically valuable ecosystems in Chilean Patagonia.

About Mirr Ranch Group:
Mirr Ranch Group offers marketing and buyer acquisition services for fine sporting properties and legacy ranches for sale throughout the American West and Patagonia. Brokers for the company are known for their expertise in agriculture, hunting, fly-fishing, public lands and conservation, in addition to their unsurpassed knowledge of ranch and land transactions.
Mallory Boyce, Director of Marketing
Mirr Ranch Group
915 South Pearl Street
Denver, CO 80209
(303) 623-4545

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