Finn D-Fantastica by Luca Devoti & Juan Kouyoumdjian

Thursday, 04 June 2015

1 weekend - 2 major Finn regattas - 2 great winners - 1 same boat:

This weekend in Kavala (Greece), Vladimir KRUTSKIKH took the overall trophy at the Finn World Master championships. Vladimir sailed the new Finn D-Fantastica built by Luca Devoti and designed by Juan Kouyoumdjian and his Juan Yacht Design office. This refined design of the famous Finn Olympic classes is the result of Luca Devoti's strong experience as a sailor and as a boat builder, but also the intuitive and analyzed designed approach of Juan's design office.  

At the same time in Medemblik (NED), Pieter-Jan POSTMA won the Delta Lloyd Regatta with a 16 points lead with the same boat, as well as 3rd for Josh JUNIOR (NZL) and 4th for Michele PAOLETTI (ITA).

Juan Kouyoumdjian comments: "For sure the design was going to be challenging because of all the restrictions and rules we had to fully respect. We needed to move into the XXIst century in terms of providing a product that was up to date". This was a huge challenge because of that, since like for the Star, the Finn is an old class with a lot of tradition, and its design is extremely complex for various reasons. The first factor is that sailors are competing at such a high level that differences are minimal and this must be reflected in the design. The second reason is that the Finn has an optional dynamic that is extremely important. The way one sails the boat affects the design and it is quite difficult to account for this dynamic in a blueprint. Dynamics and design were already in Luca's head. The team we created was tasked with refining, reading, modelling, understanding, interpreting what he already had in mind".   

"This exchange of ideas, this sort of symbiosis we created was far more powerful than any CFD model one can develop. However, Computational Fluid Dynamics is a very refined tool; it is extremely difficult to modelize the minute complexities of the dynamics of the boat. I believe that to achieve a successful design in a class such as the Finn class, you cannot only rely on CFD based tool's optimization. You will never get there... To achieve success, you need to interpret the history and the experience of somebody like Luca. Modern tools to interpret historical databases constitute an extremely powerful combination".

The final word goes to the New Masters World Champion Krutskikh: "I am very happy with the result. I thought maybe myself and Yuri Tokovoi would be fighting for the title. He is a very clever sailor, but the other guys are also very good and they made it very difficult for me. I hope to come back next year, and thanks to Lanfranko Cirillo on my behalf and Yuri's. It was his idea to come. He gave us fantastic boats and sailors, and pushed us to go sailing."

Look for the Finn with a special bow at the next Olympic Games!     

World Master Results after medal race

1 Vladimir Krutskikh M RUS 7 26pts 

2 Dmitry Petrov M RUS 711 34pts

3 Giacomo Giovanelli M ITA 202 41pts

4 Martijn Van Muyden M NED 12 42pts
5 Yuri Tokovoi GM UKR 21 44pts
6 Thierry Van Vierssen M NED 881 49pts
7 Laurent Hay GM FRA 75 53pts
8 Walter Riosa M ITA 55 58pts
9 Allen Burrell GM GBR 2 60pts
10 Aleksandr Kuliukin M RUS 161 68pts  

More infos about the Delta Lloyd Regatta and full results here: Delta Lloyd Regatta

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