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UK. Crunch decision for Broads National Park name

Friday, 16 January 2015

A decision is set to be made next week on whether the Broads will be named a national park.

Broads Authority members will be discussing the proposal following a consultation which resulted in 79% of respondents supporting the move to call the area the Broads National Park.

The Broads has equivalent status to the 14 UK national parks but with the additional responsibility of maintaining navigation.

The area is identified as a member of the National Park family but Authority officers feel this does not make its special status clear and results in confusion, particularly when some organisations already refer to the Broads National Park.

A three month consultation was carried out by the Authority on whether it should use Broads National Park and promote use of the term to other organisations to raise the profile of the area and give a clearer picture of its special status.

Members will examine and discuss the consultation responses in their meeting next Friday before deciding whether to approve the recommendation by Chief Executive John Packman to adopt the brand with immediate effect.

In his report to the committee Dr Packman states that National Park branding will help fulfil all of the Authority’s purposes – conservation, recreation and navigation.

“The term National Park is well recognised by the general public and its use will help in both promoting opportunities of understanding and enjoyment of the Broads special qualities,” he states. “The proposed branding will help raise awareness of the Broads nationally and encourage more sustainable recreation.”

He adds: “The hire boat industry is an important use of the navigation area. Use of the National Park brand will assist the companies in encouraging more visitors to come to the area, particularly from overseas where the brand is well known, thereby supporting the interests of the hire boat companies. “

Editors note:

The Broads Authority committee report will be discussed at the full Authority committee meeting on Friday 23 January starting at 10am. Papers can be found here. The consultation document is also available online.

The three Broads Authority purposes have equal weight in any decisions made by the Authority and this will continue to be the case if Broads National Park is used for branding. If they approve the recommendation to adopt the term members will also decide whether to resolve not to pursue the ambition in the Broads Plan for the area to become a national park in law.

Last Updated ( Friday, 16 January 2015 )