UK & Germany. MTU diesel gensets for British Type-26 global combat ships

Wednesday, 02 October 2013

MTU Friedrichshafen and Rolls-Royce have jointly won the contract to design the propulsion plant of the British Royal Navy's new Type-26 global combat ship. The propulsion systems are to consist of a combination of four MTU diesel gensets based on 20V Series 4000 M53B engines, and a Rolls-Royce Type-MT30 gas turbine.

"Once again, this order demonstrates our long years of experience with combined propulsion systems and highlights the added value which our cooperation with Rolls-Royce enables us to offer our customers," said Tognum Chief Sales Officer Dr Michael Haidinger. Since mid-March 2013, Tognum has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of a Rolls-Royce and Daimler joint venture.

Combined propulsion systems utilizing diesel engines and gas turbines are increasingly gaining significance in the naval sector. A CODELOG (Combined Diesel Electric or Gas Turbine) configuration is to be deployed in the new Type-26 global combat ship. The diesel gensets supply electric power for on-board systems and for vessel propulsion in cruising mode. The Rolls-Royce gas turbine will be switched in for high-speed propulsion whenever needed. The propulsion concept is ideally suited for the mission profiles of the future combat ships. For naval applications, the MTU gensets have double-resilient mounting systems and are housed within acoustic enclosures. This creates a propulsion system with an extremely low level of acoustic emissions, making the ship very difficult to locate. (mgu)

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